Summer Brooks

Feb. 20, 2021, 8:40 p.m.

We're all cold here

It was almost the end of term, but Summer already couldn’t wait for break. Rocky Mountain International was fun, but it wasn’t the same as jumping from faire to faire. Her mom promised they’d still work some summertime ones, but some of her favorites took place in the fall. She hadn’t realized that coming to RMI meant her Renaissance Faire days were basically over for seven years. It felt cruel and unfair, and it left her counting down the days until she could leave the underground school for some genuine fresh air.

But then - a Winter Festival was announced!

This immediately brightened the first year’s mood. She practically sprinted up to her Lyra room and threw open the doors to her wardrobe. Festival and Faire were basically the same concept, and she had some beautiful wintery pieces she rarely got to wear. A lot of Faires chose to, logically, operate when the weather was most likely to be warm and beautiful. One of her favorite ones took place in Texas, which was still painfully hot when it began in October. By the time they reached the final weekend, their only Christmas themed days, it might be a little chilly, but more often than not, it was still scorching.

Well, she heard another student say there was snow on the Quidditch Pitch, so she assumed it would be cold and picked one of her least worn pieces of garb with the biggest grin on her face.

She threw the faux fur lined cloak around her shoulders and brought the very large hood gently over her crown of honey blonde braids. Summer’s fingertips traced over the pale gold brocade that wrapped around all of the pastel blue velvet fabric. Yes, this was perfect! She threw the cloak off to quickly throw on the matching renaissance dress (Mom said no corsets until she was sixteen, and Summer fully planned to try one on as soon as she started getting curves - whenever that would be) and her lace up peasant boots. She wished she had a pastel pair, but the black boots barely showed under her skirt.

With her cloak on and her freckled face practically beaming, she made it to the Quidditch Pitch. It was absolutely beautiful! She became fully distracted as she walked, eventually stopping when she saw a floating green thing in the sky. It was hard to say if she stopped to get a better look or if another force stopped her in her tracks, but it seemed that her year and housemate, Nando, was having a similar problem.

"Hey can you push me really hard, I think I'm stuck in the snow.

Her blue eyes darted away from what she suspected might be mistletoe to Nando and nodded quickly. “I can try!” Summer rolled her shoulders back and reached. Her hands pressed against him, but she was nowhere near strong enough to push him away. Huh, that was weird. She went to take a step to get some more force behind her shove, but she couldn’t move either. “I think I’m also stuck. Do you think it has to do with that?” She pointed at the mistletoe.

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