Mikael Lundqvist

Feb. 20, 2021, 9:01 p.m.

It could be worse

There were some good things going on in Anssi’s life right now. The biggest one was that he finally figured out how to do a full animagus transformation - and not only by accident under sudden distress and confusing paranoia. (Any paranoia he could identify previously, such as the suspicious thought what’s Malachi going to say next when a couple days went by without his roommate boasting about his university prospects or whatever else, was very different from the full-body panic he had experienced recently.) When practicing afterwards with Aaron in a more stable and Kit-free environment, he had managed to transform again; even if it had taken a lot more concentration, it was reassuring to know he could do it without being completely freaked out.

He was still a little unsure why his animagus form was a goat, though. A couple of the books he’d read suggested there were reasons for people taking on specific forms and that it wasn’t just some cosmic force rolling a dice with the animal kingdom. But goats were a better option than, say, fish, and he had to admit he was curious to go camping this summer and test out his new abilities in the fjällen. With some careful planning, because wolves.

Unfortunately, there was a very-not-good thing happening that was balancing out his successes much too well, which was that Drew had been poisoned by his ex. (Which was a sentence Anssi had never even imagined - school drama could get out of hand sometimes, but actual poison? Seriously?) They weren’t super close, but Anssi had always gotten along well with Drew, and the idea that one of his friends had been poisoned for what was rumoured to be months without anyone realizing was… Well, it brought back some of the paranoid feelings. As one of the oldest Prefects, he spent a lot of time patrolling the halls of RMI and keeping an eye on other students, and had completely missed this happening. He felt so bad for Drew, and Remy too, and worried that another disgruntled ex would take inspiration from Darlene.

He was also worried that Ruben had owled him a box with a disturbingly reflective knife in it. He had no idea how Ruben found out about what had happened - or maybe he hadn’t and was just sending him a knife for no reason, which seemed just as plausible, honestly - but he was so not dealing with that right now, and had Accio’d the (very annoyed) owl back to immediately return it.

Determined to do his Prefect duty better and catch anything like this before it happened again, Anssi arrived early to the oddly Christmassy festival and immediately caffeinated himself with a mocha-cinnamon hot chocolate. The blonde felt a bit too tense to really engage with anyone and just made slow rounds of the Quidditch pitch while sipping on his drink. After watching the students clumped around the snack table for a bit, he turned to double back towards the sledding hill and saw Alena Adler trip in front of him. He couldn’t make it over in time to catch her from falling, but hurried closer to make sure she was okay. “Hey, are you alright?” Anssi offered his hand to help pull her to her feet. “The snow is a bit slippery; you’re not the first one I saw fall today.”

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