Feb. 20, 2021, 9:51 p.m.

Oh! Sweet! Well, you're learning from somebody!

Dea had never met Paige before. She knew she was older than the girl, but she seemed nice enough, so she waved a hand over and started to form a second snowball.

"I'm Dea! It's great to meet you!" She replied, packing the snow in her bare hands. "And that's okay--that you've never done this before, and that you didn't know my name. I'm probably not the best teacher, but I grew up making snowmen, so either way it works."

She turned to Paige then, and placed the small snowball in her hands. "Okay, so what you're going to do now is continue to like, put more snow on it and press it together until it becomes more of a cohesive ball? And you do that until it gets too heavy to carry."

Dea started to make more progress with her own part of the snowman, and decided to ask Paige some questions because like, she could easily make a new friend right now, and Paige seemed pretty nice. "So, how's the cold weather treating you? I like snow a lot, but right now I'm kinda wishing we still had that nice May weather back," she said with a short laugh.

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