Dmitry Kovalchuk-Rojkovsky

Feb. 20, 2021, 11:17 p.m.

But there's so much to be cheerful about!

Dmitry’s parents expected regular updates on his schooling, so he often wrote letters home. In his most recent letter, he had very intentionally told them about his latest assignment (a paper for History of Magic that Professor Boot had graded as an “O” even though he had mixed up all the goblin names) and his latest Quidditch match (he hadn’t scored any goals, but he did assist a couple for Natalia, which was a good feeling) and absolutely not the latest school event (featuring another of his Quidditch teammates).

Poisoning or otherwise targeting one’s partner was not an unfamiliar concept to the Pureblood. Not that he had any personal experience, of course, but he had overheard enough vague comments while attending business mixers with his father in Moscow to piece together that one of his investors had gone through several wives in a suspicious way. It wasn’t a standard thing people did, but it was a thing that happened and no one seemed particularly bothered by, at least not adults working in the same business field. Apparently though it was a very big deal when it happened at a school. Maybe it was the fact that one of the students wasn’t a Pureblood, or, well, that they were students and not proper adults, but either way Dmitry supposed it made sense that most of the school was bothered by it.

Apparently the Knight family had paid off the Headmaster to keep it quiet, a fact that Trystan had been eager to share around the commons as he seemed to think it meant that RMI would get a campus upgrade and had already started circulating a petition to add something called ‘cannabis’ to the greenhouses - “for the natural balance of things, you know, some people think it’s an immune booster”. It all went over Dmitry’s head as he had been trying to study at the time, and he agreed to sign the petition just to get Trystan to leave him alone, though made sure to sign it in Cyrillic using a fake name so that he had plausible deniability. (He had learned a lot from those mixers.) Anyways, he expected it would all blow over soon, so there was no need to tell his parents anything.

He had not anticipated that his mother would have some source in the IWCE and receive news of the poisoning directly, so the letter he received back was… not great. Her writing came across way too calm, and in summary she was planning to send Alyona, his guard at home, to meet him at school. Dmitry couldn’t believe it. Everything was terrible.

Currently his plan was to write a letter back reminding her that there wasn’t a random poisoner at RMI putting everyone in danger, it was only Darlene Knight who wanted to kill her ex-boyfriend, and he wasn’t dating anyone so didn’t have any exes to worry about doing the same to him. But Dmitry hadn’t been able to think of a way to phrase it so that his mother would take him seriously, so he was temporarily ignoring all of his problems via snacks. In his experience, snacks were always reliably not-terrible. Furthermore he was a big fan of winter festivals, and as he had seen on Professor Boot’s plate while walking past, there was apparently blini available, so this was an especially not-terrible combination.

Wrapped snugly in a maroon sweater-vest with his robes flapping overtop, Dmitry trotted excitedly over to the snack table, not quite skipping but something close. Conveniently, Drew was there too, standing by the cookies, so with a longing glance towards the blini he changed direction and went to the other end of the table. “Hallo, Drew,” Dmitry greeted him politely, and shook his head as the older boy moved away. “Nyet, you are not being in my way, it is all very fleek,” he reassured him, proud for an opportunity to use one of the new slang words he had learned in Spellwork. “I just wanted to say that it is good you are alive. We need you to beat Draco next year, da?” He grinned, and his hazel gaze slid over to the table. “This looks good! Are you wanting any?” The first-year was already leaning over himself to grab a gingerbread man and took a big bite.

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