Elliot Phippen

Feb. 20, 2021, 11:51 p.m.

Making a pit stop

About 90% of the time, Rocky Mountain International was a fantasy RPG, in terms of genre. But this month it was a CW teen drama because the upper years had gone fully insane. Elliot knew from the school’s rumor mill that something always seemed to make the upper years insane. Every few years there’d be a punching or a stabbing or an arson. But this year they had a “spurned rich bitch poisons the popular son of the two most-liked teachers for dumping her” arc and it was totally bonkers. It was also very CW that said rich bitch didn’t get expelled for these crimes because they had to keep the main cast the same. Although apparently she had to sleep in a supply closet now because one of the dads of the boy she’d poisoned was her Head of House. And there was no foreshadowing for the whole thing because the writers hadn’t thought of it until right before the season finale. Also everyone involved was stupid hot.

One thing that wasn’t very CW was that everyone was still talking about it. Because as weird as RMI was, no one was jaded enough to just ignore a poisoning. If Elliot was a betting man (he was) and if he knew teen dramas (he kinda did, thanks to Ari) he would say that the recovered poison victim would forget about the poisoning and hook up with the poisoner again as soon as his hot nerd girlfriend was written off (went to college).

Anyway, today was the Christmas episode of their CW drama, so after the little invitation screamed at him about the winter wonderland, Elliot got white guy bundled up in his N7 hoodie and shorts to enjoy the May miracle. Having a day of very different weather broke up the monotony of all the spring sunshine they’d had lately. Actually, if the weather could always be remixed like this so they didn’t have too many same-weather days in a row, that would really work for Elliot.

Where to start? He was definitely hitting the (sled) slopes, and it looked like there was mistletoe, which could be fun with the right person but not yet. Fuel first, though. Elliot crunched his way through the snow with his imperviused sneakers to the long food table.

The mug of Mexican hot chocolate he fixed himself was spicy enough, but not chocolately enough. Looking around, Elliot spied a bowl of chocolates… sitting with a reading first year. He could work with that.

He trotted over to the girl, sat down, and yoinked the bowl into his lap. One chocolate went into his mug and another went into his mouth. Mmmm, cherry cordial. “Well, now I’m eating them,” Elliot said around the chocolate. “They’re here for everyone, right?”

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