Eugene Hardie

Feb. 21, 2021, 11:29 a.m.


Eugene felt terrible. So terrible that he hadn’t been able to go a day without ugly snotty crying since the rumours had first reached him. He had completely let his guard down and now the absolute worst had happened. Drew had been very nearly murdered and Eugene hadn’t even seen it coming which really had him doubting his own intellect. Eugene had been called dumb lots of times and lots of times he’d even believed it but this time it was worse because his stupid brain had allowed Drew to get gobbled up by the monsters.

Eugene knew he needed to make it up to Drew but he just wasn’t sure how. Yes, he had made a ‘Get Well Soon’ card and decorated it with a dancing snake - and yes it was pretty amazing - but these circumstances were so unusually terrible that even that did not feel like enough.

Eugene had had to put on his Investigator Hat ( a fabulous deerstalker he had found at a thrift store the ribbon of which was now charmed a bright pink colour) and set about doing some sleuthing. There were a lot of rumours floating about. Some of the upper years believed that Drew hadn’t been poisoned at all but that he was taking some sort of magical mushrooms that gave you funny visions and had a bad reaction. Other people swore blind that Darlene Knight’s family were like a magical mafia and wanted Drew dead because he had insulted their family nose when he’d dumped Darlene. But Eugene believed that it was all part of Kit’s evil shenanigans.

Drew, the editor of the paper where Eugene worked to expose the dark deeds taking place at RMI, was poisoned by Darlene who was Kit’s roommate and best friend. The same Kit who had founded TWATs and organization with a known history of trying to poison students via parties and suspicious treats passed around for free in an attempt to fill the halls of RMI with a ghostly army of students. It made perfect sense and once he got the word out Eugene knew everyone else would see it too.

He had quickly secured an interview with the victim but unfortunately Drew was reluctant to see the truth. He was sticking with the lame story of Darlene poisoning him over some breakup and had not run Eugene's story in the school paper. It was a huge blow to Eugene’s investigation and he struggled to find a way to move forward. All he could really do was keep an eye out for any shifty business and most importantly protect Drew at all costs.

Eugene was gonna have to brush up on his defence spells but he felt ready for the challenge. He had been dodging attacks from Elisa his whole life and had taken more than one beating from irritated friends in his young life so if it came down to it Eugene was one hundred percent willing to use himself as a human shield to keep Drew from death or even mild pain.

So even though he loved snowball fights and building oddly shaped igloos, Eugene chose not to enjoy the winter festival. Instead he would stand about watching Drew and all the Kits of the world from a distance ready to step up if anything scary went down. Unfortunately for Eugene, standing about watching people was super boring. He had never wanted to roll about in the snow so badly so when a little voice called over and asked for assistance making a snow person there was no way Eugene was saying no. “Yeah, of course,” Eugene said, bounding over to her with more enthusiasm than was probably necessary.

Eugene loved building things. He had once built a mud pyramid in the kitchen and it had been truly spectacular before Jeb got a shovel and smashed it to bits. And since it was Madeleine that meant it counted as protecting Drew because Madeleine was Drew’s sister which basically made her Eugene’s sister now that Drew was his Most Important Person, and therefore she required his protection too. He threw his arms around the torso and in between heaves asked, “So you got a name picked out yet?”

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