Feb. 22, 2021, 9:55 a.m.

I'll try not to be insulted

Magdalena had never expected to be trapped by mistletoe in May but she really should have seen it coming. Headmaster Toby was a jolly ( and wildly eccentric ) figure and she could see him envisioning the prank as a harmless way to bring the student body together but, considering all the drama romance had currently brought the school population, Alena really thought they ought to be encouraging personal space between students.

She did not wish to waste the opportunity to enjoy winter in summer standing awkwardly one spot treating a nice boy as though he had dragon pox but neither could she allow herself to imagine the two pecking lips together.

"I've only ever kissed one boy before", she confessed. Until this moment she had assumed that Nolan would be her one and only and most of the time this did not bother Magdalena despite her frequent ability to appreciate a handsome member of the opposite sex. There was nothing wrong Alena thought, with a little daydreaming so long as you knew you'd never seal the deal. Kissing Anssi, however, would feel disrespectful and it didn't help that he was so easy on the eyes and sweet enough to rot your teeth.

Even now he was behaving like a perfect gentleman which made Alena wonder about the rumours surrounding Anssi and Kit Kendrick. Kit was a whirl of chaotic energy and not the type of girl Alena would set Anssi up with. But then, Alena had thought Darlene and Drew were perfectly matched, and look how that had turned out.

Maybe it was an opposites attract situation. That was a common romance trope in the trashy novels Alena enjoyed so much. "Have you ever kissed a girl, Anssi?" Alena asked, unable to keep herself from prying and desperate to have some new gossip to push the poisoning from the focal point of her mind.

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