Feb. 24, 2021, 2:37 p.m.

Seems I've put my foot in my mouth, oops

It seemed that Alena had understood him fine; she looked as resigned as he felt to being stuck in one place. This wasn’t how he had envisioned spending his time at the festival, but maybe it wasn’t the worst thing that could happen. Alena was nice enough and he’d never minded working together in class. Standing here was already a little awkward, but it would have been much more awkward if she was a younger student, or someone he was either less amicable towards (like Darlene, not that it was possible since as far as he was aware she was still in detention under the Deputy Head’s supervision) or a closer friend (like Remy, who would have been better company but an even worse option to kiss, given the whole Drew situation).

Alena was first to break the silence by confiding that she had only ever kissed one person. “Nolan, right? Sorry, that was a dumb question,” Anssi backtracked, realizing too late that he may have accidentally suggested that she had kissed someone who wasn’t her fiance. Public opinion seemed to say that kissing wasn’t a big deal - just look at how many of their peers kept making out with each other; in the past couple weeks alone he’d caught Grant with two different girls in the passageways - but if you had only ever kissed one other, it might be a little insulting to imply that wasn’t your current partner.

Her question came as even more of a surprise, and it was lucky that he hadn’t taken another sip of his drink as he might have choked on it. “Erm.” He vaguely noticed her emphasis on girls - that seemed presumptive, but he had nothing to suggest it wasn’t fair. He wasn’t sure how he felt about anyone most days but he was pretty sure he felt even less about boys. However, most of Anssi’s attention was on the question itself. The answer was obviously no, but that led right away to why-nots, which he had no answer for. The grand total of one date he had gone on with Kit was a nice time and they had held hands walking around Pearl Street, but no kissing was involved, and that was the extent of his experience.

(Kit clearly thought otherwise: She had referred to him as her boyfriend when dragging his goat self into Aaron’s office, which was the least of his priorities to correct at the time and it now felt like enough time had passed that he had lost any window to correct her without it coming across weird. But now she was dealing with this whole problem of her roommate poisoning her cousin, so he figured he could forgive himself stalling it.)

It was a harmless enough question and even though he didn’t want to answer, there was no reason for him to refuse it. “No, actually,” Anssi admitted, and tried to brush it off with a joking, “I’m really not my brother.” Keen to change the subject, he glanced around them again and suggested, “Do you want to sit down? I can conjure up some blankets, and you could rest your leg for a bit.” There was no reason why they should be uncomfortably standing in place, especially if Alena was still sore after slipping in the snow.

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