Feb. 25, 2021, 11:04 p.m.

Better learn fast!

“Dea,” she echoed cheerfully, then repeated it twice more. Short names were fun. “Gotcha!”

Did she really? Prolly not. The only names she was a hundo percent sure she got were Madeleine, cos her middle name was Paige which was the first time she’d ever met another, and Nylah, cos they were roomies, and Arsinoe, cos what kinda name was that, and Rhia, cos bees, and… okay, listing this off in her head wasn’t showin’ her point much. Actually it seemed like a fair lot of names to have right out, considering she’d only been at RMI a few months and spent most of the first totally jetlagged. On top of that, there was an odd box of rando names that just sparked in passing when she saw them round school, like Drew’s had.

And now she was thinking about poison again. Oopsies. She really had to stop doing that.

Following Dea’s instructions, she began patting more snow around the ball. “Right now s’not off. It’s like, reg cold for winter, ya know? But snow’s still whack as.” To line up ‘side winter in Sydney there’d need to be a lot more wet in the air, while Colorado or at least the magic-underneath of RMI was dried out, but that wasn’t a sig diff. And today seemed a fair one - Paige was bundled up in a woolly jumper and scarf combo with pass-it-on gloves from her big brother, but she’d felt fine sticking to jeans with it. Course now there was white stuck to her denim and that was sure gonna chill her up later.

As she thought about the snow, her hands did a sudden whoop and she threw the half-formed ball, looking up to follow its path with wide brown eyes until it went splat on the ground. She grabbed what was left of it and tried mashing more snow on, but it wasn’t sticking as nice the second time round. “Oy, what a lemon,” she complained with a giggle. “How’d ya get yours looking so good? What’s the trick?”

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