Elliot Phippen

May 22, 2021, 11:38 a.m.

Solitude is overrated

Captain Elliot Phippen.

It had a nice ring, huh?

Now he just needed to figure out what to do with the Aquila team. The thing about becoming the captain when you were the Seeker was that you had fuck all to do with the everyone else most of the time. His strategy couldn’t just be “I’ll catch the Snitch fast and the rest of you can do whatever the hell you want” anymore. He needed to make sure the Chasers were a-Chasin’ and the Keepers kept on Keepin’ on and stuff. He’d gone to the library for books on Quidditch strategy. There were way too many words in there for Elliot’s brain, but he had a good time looking at the pictures for different plays.

Elliot’s main leadership experiences were running Destiny raids and DMing the campaign with Nando and the others. He could put Quidditch in those terms. A Quidditch team was a completely bonkers party build. You had seven-person group with two barbarians (what else could you call a Beater), one rogue (Seekers were high dexterity/high DPS), one cleric (Keepers were the closest thing a Quidditch team they had to healers), and a severe unauthorized three fighters (okay in actuality Chasers were much more useful than that, but constitution and strength were their fortes, so), and no one was even melee. Made no sense from a balance standpoint. Fortunately their opponents always had the same weird team build, which leveled the playing field.

Anyway it seemed like a very captainly thing to do to go to the Quidditch Pitch to plan before classes, and also the baby had woken Elliot up so he figured they might as well both go. Since Dakota wasn’t watching they could maybe do Baby’s First Flight. Elliot was not totally clear on Dakota’s parenting principles but he suspected she might not entirely approve, mostly because he didn’t think there was anything Dakota entirely approved of. God she was cool.

So carrying his broom and his adorable black-haired baby, Captain Elliot went to the Pitch. He spread out the blanket he’d brought and plonked Ellikota Jr. down on it. “Stay,” he instructed the baby. He didn’t know how to make a barrier to keep the little munchkin in place, but hopefully the magic baby AI was smart enough not to eat too much dirt.

He was right about this being a captain thing, because lo and behold Captain Will was there too. “It’s good,” Elliot called, waving at the older boy with his non-broom hand. “Just out here doing captain-y stuff. Like a captain.” He considered whether he could ask someone who was his enemy a third of the time (i.e. when they weren’t playing Draco or Lyra) for tips. Will had been captain for a while, and he was a Cetus too. They were all about fairness, right? “Any advice on what that is?”

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