Jason Fitz

March 22, 2020, 5:12 p.m.

Team Sports?

Sometimes Jake was the most annoying person on the freakin’ planet and Jace needed some time apart from his brother. That Saturday morning was one of those times. They’d had breakfast together but Jake was buggin’ him about copying homework that Jace hadn’t done yet so Jace had ditched his twin and gone off to the Quidditch Pitch to hit some Bludgers about it. There was a Quidditch set that anyone could use and it was kinda beat up but Jace didn’t mind. He was just gonna hit the balls around anyway so it didn’t really matter.

It was kinda tricky letting the Bludger go on your own ‘cause they zoomed right after the closest person and if you were right there it didn’t go well for you. On days he did this alone, Jace had learned to get on his broom first, then grab a bat and use his wand to release the catch holding the Bludger. He’d figured at first he’d need something more complicated than Alohomora and done a bunch of research (not that he’d admit it, he wasn’t a Draco or whatever) but then it turned out that simple spell worked just fine. Jace thought maybe something like a Bludger should be secured a little better but whatever.

About ten minutes into his batting practice and he had worked up a sweat when the Bludger swerved towards not-Jace and the second year realized he had company. Probably that company didn’t also have a bat, so Jace spun his broom around and when he was close enough to both the Bludger and the ground, jumped off his broom and tackled the Bludger to the ground. It was one of those things that looked super cool but actually was something you just kinda had to do if you were going to be practicing with live Bludgers, ‘cause how else were you gonna get the dang things back in the box?

“Hey,” Jace looked up from the ground, where he was hugging the struggling Bludger to his chest. He was pretty sure from the sting in his knees that he’d scraped something which made sense, due to his wearing shorts rather than jeans or something. Jace owned like, one pair of jeans. They were for nice occasions, when he couldn’t just wear his long khaki shorts and a t-shirt which were, in his opinion, perfect for any time of year.

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