Remington Burnham

March 24, 2020, 11:13 p.m.

Predictably Unpredictable, Sometimes!

This was probably the weirdest conversation she’d ever had with Connor, mostly because he seemed suddenly capable of being… well, not great, but not actively trying to be the worst. He struck a weird balance. She didn’t understand him. Part of Remington wondered if Claudia getting engaged - betrothed, whatever - was finally the catalyst to get Connor to become a tiny bit better. She didn’t know Rose very well, but she definitely didn’t seem like a typical pureblood socialite. And Dakota? The two of them were great. How could Connor be so different from his siblings? As an only child, Remington admitted that she didn’t know. Maybe it was normal for siblings to be so drastically different despite having mostly the same upbringing.

She made a mental note to look that up. Sibling studies had to be a thing.

The Draco desperately wanted to run to the library to look that up, but she’d engaged in whatever this was. And she certainly didn’t want to be the first to give up on this. Remington wouldn’t be bettered by Connor.

At first, she debated on whether or not she needed to explain to Connor that sexuality wasn’t a choice. She wanted to, but she didn’t think he would listen. Also, she didn’t understand why it was a problem. Her sexuality, whatever it may be, didn’t have anything to do with Connor’s life. Marley’s didn’t, either. Explaining herself to someone she didn’t particularly like wasn’t something Remington wanted to do.

Before she could decide what to say the most unusual thing happened: “My apologies.”

It was unprecedented. Connor not only apologized, but he did it without Claudia guilting him to do so. Wow. He really was sad.

“It’s fine,” Remington responded automatically. She hesitated, then added, “Thanks for apologizing.” If he was going to do it again and learn how to be a good-ish person, then she needed to acknowledge that he did something right! Before the conversation could get out of hand or the silence could stretch to be too awkward, Remington plowed on to something different. She didn’t want to talk about the dating stuff, anyway. It was depressing. “You’re in Spellwork still, right? What are you doing with your independent study?”

There was no way they could lose control of a conversation about Spellwork.

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