Quinn Walker

Oct. 3, 2019, 10:30 a.m.

Well not everyone can be perfect.

Quinn looked over at her fellow housemate. He answered her question with an apology and then explained how he almost got clocked in the head. The boy was obviously Irish by the sound of his accent and that was instantly intriguing to the fourth year. Her Savannah accent was very slow and elongated words while his was fast and consonants could be clipped. “Well that’s no problem.” She responded with a smile. “Can’t have you starting term out on a bad note.”

The Cetus looked around at the fire and then back to the boy. She remembered seeing him around last term but she had spent most of her time getting caught up on how RMI ran and how much harder the classes had been. She had been very behind her classmates who had been at RMI for three years and coming in last term after Christmas had been terrible.

Over the summer, Quinn had gotten an IWCE tutor to help bring her up to speed for her fourth year so hopefully this term she wouldn’t be so behind and she could actually make a friend or two here. Yet here she sat woefully under prepared to be friends with anyone since she couldn’t even remember his name. “I’m Quinn Walker by the way.” She said with another smile at the boy.

She hoped the boy was interested in talking to her. The Cetus did want to be friends with people who may or may not be Pureblooded. She may be stuck up because she liked nice things but she really didn’t care about blood status. Sure one day she might marry a Pureblood boy but she’d must rather marry a rich boy over a poor pureblood.

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