Connor Farnon

April 10, 2020, 8:30 a.m.

That...makes no sense

Remington thanked him for apologizing, which was bizarre, but then again so was this entire conversation. Admittedly, Connor didn’t spend much apologizing (or getting apologized to, but that was an entirely separate issue largely related to the fact that his siblings were both psychopaths), but it seemed odd to him that a ‘thank you’ would be involved. Perhaps this was one of Remington’s cultural differences - perhaps he had experienced a similar event with Andrew and simply didn’t remember it. Obviously he had not done so with Marley, as she was also clearly a psychopath. Honestly, someone really ought to look into RMI as a school. Not only did they hire blatant homosexuals, but their student population was often violent and dangerous in addition to being a group of deviants. Connor was genuinely concerned about his post-graduation prospects: if anyone in England truly understood the utter insanity that had plagued his education, they would most certainly deny him employment.

Speaking of education was what Remington wanted to do, apparently. Connor had not missed seeing her in Spellwork, as she was a massive show-off, but he supposed it was as neutral a topic as any. Remington’s cultural differences were less severe than Marley’s, and she was quite the academic, which meant she was probably studying the kind of charms and transfigurations that he was. Marley, on the other hand, was probably doing some kind of study on tribal magics or something else about her heritage. Remington at least understood the importance of assimilation.

“I don’t suppose I’m doing anything particularly unusual in Spellwork,” Connor admitted. He got steady grades but was by no means the overachiever his older sister was, and obviously not the underachiver that his younger brother was. “My plans are to go into finance, which doesn’t quite lend itself to a professional use of magic.” It was, in fact, illegal. “So I am simply studying the standard course in order to pass my exams at the end of the year. I chose to not spend more of my time with McKindy by taking his Animagus class.” The fact that Connor held a grudge against Professor Aaron McKindy was no secret; McKindy had given both him and Claudia an unjust amount of detention more than once, simply for doing things related to protection of themselves and their family pride. One would think that as a pureblood McKindy would understand those things, but he apparently did not. Of course, as a blatant homosexual, McKindy clearly had incorrect priorities when it came to family so perhaps he was just incapable of comprehending concepts such as family reputation, as he had no doubt done his own some damage.

“I suppose you are doing something incredibly advanced,” Connor said, and although his words might have been interpreted as sarcastic his tone was, for once, genuine. “My sister has similar talents and chose to attend Harvard University. Do you have any such plans?”

Surprisingly, Connor did actually have a mild interest in knowing what Remington’s post-school plans were. He had never really considered his, but as someone with a questionable background, Connor supposed that Remington must be quite ambitious, an attempt to make up for her otherwise complete lack of desirability and social standing.

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