Remington Burnham

April 16, 2020, 2:23 p.m.

A predictable response

To her surprise, and relief, Connor replied to her Spellwork question without turning it into a confrontation. Coursework always felt like a safe subject where the Draco was concerned. Remington didn’t know how to talk about anything else without it blowing up in her face. There was too much drama and too many emotions. She couldn’t talk anymore about whether or not DJ was going to get up the courage to ask out Dakota, to gossip with Kit about that popstar who was attending Rocky Mountain International now, or answer questions about who she liked. Thinking about that - about how in love Drew and Darlene were - it was too much. She’d rather not.

At the mention of Connor’s plans, Remington nodded to show she was listening. She couldn’t imagine going into finance. It sounded boring and unfulfilling. This was Connor Farnon, though, so it made sense. The most interesting parts of his life came from being a racist, homophobic jerk, so he probably didn’t want a flashy career. She realized she didn’t know enough about the Farnons themselves to know if it was the expected choice for him. Was finance just a thing the Farnon family did, or did they have freedom to choose their career path?

These questions, of course, would not be asked. She wasn’t about to dive into that conversation with Connor, and her delicate friendship with Dakota was unlikely to survive if she asked questions about that Farnon family’s expectations. Just because she wanted to understand didn’t mean she needed to. It wasn’t her business.

Her curiosity was interrupted by Connor asking Remington a question in return. Was it prefaced with a compliment? Had Connor been body snatched? Was this weird conversation a cry for help? Could Connor be in trouble, and the only way he could communicate that was by being Not The Worst? She tried really hard not to furrow her brow at the question.

“Oh. Um, thank you.” Remington cleared her throat. She didn’t know enough about Rose to decipher if that was actually some kind of compliment or a dig, so she forced herself to assume the best. “I do plan on attending a school like Harvard. I’ll apply to several next year so I can have some options. I’m going to get an undergraduate degree in anthropology - my mom is a magical anthropologist focused on Muggle culture,” and her tone flattened enough as a silent challenge for Connor think twice before commenting on that, “But I’ll be getting my masters in a different branch of magical anthropology. I’ll be in school for a while.” She laughed a little anxiously, having already accepted how long she’d be studying and how large her student loans would likely be.

She wanted to study the development of pureblood culture and how it was changing as the world became more accepting of others and less accepting of outdated pureblood traditions. She saw it with Danny Dubois, with Rose and Dakota, and even a little with Claudia. She wanted to understand this aspect of wizarding culture that still endured despite being completely archaic. She wasn’t about to say that to Connor, though. This conversation was precarious enough on its own.

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