Connor Farnon

May 6, 2020, 6:15 p.m.

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It shouldn’t surprise Connor that Remington had such a thorough plan for advancing her standing, but it did, a little. Perhaps Claudia had rubbed off on her after all - although to be quite honest, a good portion of Connor and Claudia’s relationship had involved them specifically not speaking of their futures. Despite his hopes, Connor had known that his family did not have nearly enough status for the Dubois to see him as a potentially valued match, but until Dardanius had thrown away the family’s good name and left Claudia to salvage it, Connor had held out hope. He had held out hope even afterwards, but it had clearly been futile. Of course, Claudia would never put her family’s good name at risk to put off a betrothal for a school crush (had he even been a crush, or just a confidant? Connor could hardly suppose at this point) and for all Connor knew, Claudia was even fond of the young wizard she was to marry. It was all incredibly depressing. So depressing, in fact, that he found himself paying attention to what Remington was saying.

Admittedly, his attention didn’t help him very much because he wasn’t entirely sure what an anthropologist was. It sounded like something an old textbook with particularly nasty spells might be called, but Connor couldn’t imagine Remington doing anything interesting like that. Especially as her mother was apparently a magical anthropologist focusing on Muggle culture - most things to do with Muggles sounded like a waste of time to Connor, but the wizard strongly doubted that Remington’s mother did anything particularly cruel or unusual to Muggles. Remington was a Mudblood herself, so it wouldn’t make much sense. He also didn’t understand the idea of an undergraduate degree (wasn’t the purpose of going to magical school that you already knew what you needed to in order to move forward in your field?) but again, decided against asking.

“I’m sure that will be quite enjoyable for you,” Connor said. It seemed like both a neutral and true thing to say, Remington being the known bookworm of the - well, of the school, really, but definitely of her year. “I personally am rather excited to complete my formal education,” read: he could not get out of RMI fast enough, but that was probably abundantly clear. It wasn’t as though he had ever demonstrated an excess of school spirit, and as Remington was close friends with Andrew, she probably knew more about his distaste for RMI than most people. This was of course, in part because of Connor’s younger brother and in part because Andrew’s stepfather had been instrumental in several of the unpleasant experiences Connor had at RMI.

“I intend to work with my uncle in finance,” he continued. “He manages investments. My father is also in finance, but I find it refreshing to spend time with my extended family. As opposed to his immediate family, with whom it was certainly not refreshing to spend time with. His stepsister, now also betrothed, wasn’t nearly as bad as he had thought in his earlier years, but he was not particularly fond of his stepmother and his father rarely took much notice of him. Had Connor not reached out to his uncle on his own, he doubted very much that he would have plans following his graduation at RMI. Fortunately, though, the seventh year had an eye to the future - even if it had been motivated by a goal somewhat tragically now unattainable.

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