Deagret Wyckland

Oct. 3, 2019, 8:55 p.m.

New Friends!

The atmosphere around Deagret was absolutely brimming with the excitement of the first years, and she cheered as she watched some bright-eyed first years make their way toward the Draco fire. Being an second year felt different, but not super different. Half of the first years were taller than her, which sucked, but having that feeling of being an older student sent a little tiny bit of a power rush to her head. Deagret was going to be able to help these students! She could help them with homework and essays and help them find their way around! Oh, wow, she could use the Powers of Second Years for good, and not evil!

Mayhem, however, was not included in that sentiment. Mayhem was purely neutral in Deagret's opinion, unless it was directly focused on someone in particular. But then again, her argument was flawed in the eyes of Non-Mischievous Persons.

Speaking of mischief, Deagret searched the crowd around the Aquila for Elliot's shock of unruly black hair. She eventually spotted him, and stuck her hand up to wave at him, but with a shrug, realized he probably didn't see her. She'd get to say hi later, anyway! So she looked for Jake in Lyra, but couldn't find him. Oddly enough, Deagret couldn't find Kit. 'Twas very weird.

But the student sat next to her responded to her question, and soon Deagret had been whisked away into Making-Friends-Land. "Nice to meet you, Madeleine! I like your dress--very appropriately Draco-Red," the redhead responded with a proud smile.

"Wait, you've lived here you whole life? And both your dads work here? That's so cool! You must know the castle and the professors really well then," she continued. Deagret was making her first new friend of the year! This was wonderful! "Did you expect to get into Draco or were you just hoping? I mean, I'm biased, but Draco is subjectively the best house."

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