Remington Burnham

May 16, 2020, 8:02 p.m.

What you think you know

He was right; it did sound enjoyable for her. Remington couldn’t wait for college. Rocky Mountain International offered enough of a course variety once you hit third year, but college was bigger. There would be more. She could explore so many other subjects and talk about different things. Her classmates might even want to be there and that could lead to some really exciting collaboration. Sometimes the Draco wished she’d found a way to graduate early and get a head start on that next chapter in her life. Then she remembered her friends. She wasn’t ready to move on just yet, no matter how stressed and anxious things at RMI tended to make her feel.

When Connor explained what he planned to do after he graduated, Remington tried really hard to return the compliment. But she couldn’t say that sounded enjoyable - because who would like a career in finance? So the most she could manage to say was, “I hope you like it,” and leave it at that.

The awkward silence seemed to hit almost immediately. The two of them never made it this long without some kind of confrontation or implosion. Actually, she couldn’t think of a time that Connor managed a conversation like this outside of his usual friend group. He must be having a tough time. Nolan graduated, and the thing with Claudia changed so dramatically over the summer. Remington didn’t understand how he felt exactly, but she could imagine. She knew what it was like to have feelings for someone that she shouldn’t.

“I’ve been helping Leo with his applications,” she said after too long of a pause, “For practice. If you decide you want to look at other things or… I don’t know. I can look over your application or whatever.” It was an attempt at an olive branch. Things would never be okay with them, but she felt so bad for Connor. “Or not, if you don’t want that or don’t have a reason for it.”

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