Remington Burnham

Oct. 4, 2019, 2:26 p.m.

Sixth time's the charm

Her sixteenth birthday came and went without much fanfare. If her parents had their way, it would have been a huge deal. They wanted a party with all of her family and friends. They probably would have rented a venue, which would have been a stupid amount of money for something she didn’t want. Remington’s family didn’t struggle financially, but they weren’t rich. She thought this reasoning would be enough to stop the talk of a party, but then her mom pulled the “but I didn’t get to give you a quinceanera” line, which… was true. But still. Parties were overrated. And they had a tendency to blow up in her face.

When it seemed like she might have to throw a party, the Draco put together a guest list. It was nice to realize it had the potential to be long, that she had so many friends, but at the same time, she could think of reasons she didn’t want to invite every single one of them.

As far as her extended family knew, she and Drew were still (fake) dating, so asking him to a birthday party with relatives around would mean either keeping up the act or constant explanations about the break up. He was in love with Darlene - which she didn’t necessarily understand but she didn’t have to - and asking him to participate in this would be unfair. She didn’t want to drag Madeleine into that either.

Marley and Remington wrote each other during the summer, but she didn’t think their friendship was at the point where Marley had to suffer through her family shenanigans. Things with DJ were still weird, almost impersonal, and Leo would probably sneak booze into her party. It wasn’t an entirely unwelcome thought, which meant it definitely shouldn’t happen. Anssi and Kit definitely had better things to do than show up to her birthday party, and Claudia…? Remington couldn’t even imagine.

When she sat down and explained to her parents why she didn’t want a party, that things were really weird with her friends and it made her feel anxious, they understood. There was a ton of hugging and apologies, which Remington told them they didn’t have to do. She didn’t want them to feel bad; she was the one who hadn’t told them how she was feeling. They spent the rest of the summer going to museums, having pizza nights, and just letting everything be chill.

That helped, somehow. Every time she returned to Rocky Mountain International, Remington hoped for a better term, and every term, it wasn’t. This term it would be. She just needed to care a little less. Things were going to be messy in an underground school full of hormonal teenagers away from their parents.

So there she was, trying to care a little less about what other people were thinking. She’d thrown her robes over her dark blue blouse decorated with soft pink flowers and high waisted black jeans, touched up her makeup, and left her wild curls free of a bow. After taking a deep breath and nervously brushing her hand against her prefect badge, she walked into the Finer Diner and took a seat at the Draco fire.

This new term proved to be different quite quickly. First, Madeleine was sorted into Draco, which made Remington so proud. She cheered and gave the girl a small wave. How was she already a student? Time was wild.

The second thing that made this term different already was the fact that DJ just spoke to her.

“So how’s it been going?”

She blinked, then managed a small smile. Okay. If things were going to be different, this was a good way to start. “They’ve been okay. I had a quiet summer. Absolutely nothing happened, which was a nice change. How about you?” She paused, then added, “Can I have some of your fries?”

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