Dwight Finn

Oct. 5, 2019, 10:27 a.m.

Charms is a terrible subject

DJ smiled when he realized that the person he had spoken to was none-other than Remginton. Remy had been his first and best friend at RMI until he had royally screwed it up by liking Remy and her ex-best friend Dakota at the same time. He had kissed Remy but his mind had thought about Dakota and that was fucked up. DJ had screwed stuff up more by hitting Leo after he saw them kissing at a party which had led to Remy making it seem like he had forced her to kiss him.

It was a whole mess and last term after both incidents DJ had made sure to never be alone with Remy. He never wanted to be accused of being that type of person again. DJ had spent most of his time alone or with Dakota after that. Which had just instenstived his crush on Dakota. He and Drew had repaired their friendship after the whole punching incident but Remy was the one person DJ wasn’t one hundred percent comfortable around still. But here they were at the welcoming feast to their sixth year and DJ vowed to try to repair this friendship. The sixth year knew that Dakota and Remy were trying to repair their friendship and if things worked out like DJ would like soon Dakota would soon be his girlfriend. He just hoped Remy would understand.

Remy said that nothing had happened during her summer and asked about his before asking for some of fries. “Typical girl never ordering their own fries!” he teased as he pushed the plate of fries between them. “My sister always claims she’s not hungry but she eats half my fries always.”

He smiled at her. “My summer was kind of amazing.” He said with a smile. He had let Remy know he was in Australia but they never really discussed why. “My Uncle Riley was filming a movie in Australia so he hired me to babysit my cousin Zack while the nanny was taking my cousin Briar-Rose to all kinds of classes. I taught Zack how to surf so now I’ll have another surfing buddy.”

DJ picked up his burger and before taking another bite he asked. “I think my Uncle may be crazy. He has his three year old in a ton of classes like acting, singing, and dancing so she can be in a Broadway play when she’s five.”

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