Connor Farnon

May 24, 2020, 9:06 a.m.

I always know

There was an awkward silence, and then Remington made an astonishing offer - that she would help him with applications, if he so chose. That was baffling. Why would Remington do that? It was no secret that the pair of them only tolerated each other at the best of times, and Connor was actually relatively certain that this was the longest, most civil conversation that they had ever had together. So why would Remington do that? He most certainly was not about to pay her for it, which was the only thing that he could really think of.

He hadn’t really ever considered anything but a career in finance, mostly because that was what was within easy reach for him, but Connor suddenly - well, realized wasn’t the right word, he’d always known it was an option, but something clicked - and he had a brief mental image of himself attending university. Obviously not one of those mixed magic-Muggle ones, but perhaps something a little more enlightened and in line with his values. Surely, such an institution would be much better than RMI. There was also, he realized, more potential to meet people his own age than there was in finance. He knew many pureblood girls went to university not to further their education, but to find a suitable marriage partner.

“Perhaps you could assist me in how to select a university?” he offered, feeling that it was just as much of a gesture toward peace as Remington’s offer. “We could meet at the cafe on Pearl Street next week - my treat, of course.” He knew that Mudbloods often did not have much money, and if she was assisting him - even if they had been practically enemies for years - it would only be polite for him to pay.

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