Madeleine Tennant-McKindy

Oct. 5, 2019, 11:56 a.m.

New House!

“Thank you!” Madeleine said with a bonfire-bright smile. This girl was the nicest. Madeleine was excited to be in the same House as her. “It was white earlier but Aaron-Dad charmed it so it would change to match my dreamcatcher. He is ah-maz-ing at charming clothes.” Dad could sew and stuff, because he was the drama director, but Aaron-Dad could enchant clothes to be extra special. He always wore the prettiest animated robes and t-shirts that were just the absolute coolest. Someday she would ask him to teach her how to make her own, but it was special when he charmed clothes for her now.

“My big brother Drew—he’s in Cetus—” Madeleine pointed over to the blue bonfire, where Drew was sitting, “—said I was for sure gonna be a Draco, but Dad thought I was gonna be in Lyra and Professor Rob said I would make a great Aquila.” Madeleine thought that they were probably biased but she could see their points. She loved singing and drawing and playing make-believe and she couldn’t wait to sign up for Drama Club (Dad had promised she would be excited about the show this year but he hadn’t told her what it was even when she asked very, very nicely, because it would be a “spoiler”). And she had had fun doing the prank with Professor Rob’s help two years ago, when he had helped her release a potion that made everyone temporarily lose their memories (even though it hadn’t actually made Toby let her poltergeist friend Mr. Shifty out).

“So I think it could have gone pretty much any way,” she continued. “But I’m super excited, I’ve been in all the other common rooms except Draco because I helped with Head of House speeches, so after today I’ll have been in all of them!” That was exciting. Madeleine was pretty sure she was going to be the first student ever to have been in all of RMI’s common rooms, and she hadn’t even had to sneak at all to do it. Just ask nicely.

She was pretty sure the other girl was a second-year—she didn’t look that much older than Madeleine. It was so nice to meet one of the Housemates she would be in class with. Madeleine knew some older students like Remy, of course, but since Remy was a sixth year they wouldn’t get to work together much of the time. “What makes Draco the best? I know they—we,” Madeleine corrected herself, grinning extra hard. She was part of a House now! “—have a private library, but what else do you like about Draco?”

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