William Bloom

Oct. 5, 2019, 4:43 p.m.

Not sure I'm even adequate really

Will’s sheepish grin turned into a full blown smile as the girl just brushed off what had happened. He’d half expected a big blow up when she realized that it wasn’t purposeful because girls were weird like that. The fifth year had known some girls who tended to freak out when you just brushed past them for no reason and actually nudging one of them was like you’d committed a felony. Will’s dad said it was just because they were sensitive creatures, but the way mum had punched him after that statement made it a little less believable. Plus, mum tended to know a lot better than dad anyway.

“Thanks,” he said, nodding as he scooted backward just a little bit, out of the way of any passing house elves with precariously balanced trays. “Can’t make a ba-” The Cetus cut himself off before he finished that sentence. Over the summer, Will had taken it upon himself to start trying to use Amercian slang instead of his own normal Irish slang. He’d discovered last term that some people had gotten pretty confused when he talked and it had taken extra concentration to either explain himself, or to do his best to not use the things he’d picked up over the years. There was no changing some of it though, it just came out but he tried to catch himself when he could. “Er - make a mess of everything before we’ve even started right?”

He was grateful to the girl, who’s name he couldn’t place, for just letting the action slide. He offered another friendly smile before turning back to his food and the jovial faces that were dancing around each of the fires. While he wasn’t ecstatic to be back, it was nice to see some familiar faces. His roomate Drew was around and he was sure that his friend Gigi was somewhere too. That was just another testament to girls being weird. She was confusing to say the least. She flirted with him in the hallway but it wasn’t like they were friends. Will didn’t really get it and he wasn’t sure that he actually wanted to. Reagan said he was a right idiot and that she was probably just lettin on with him. Either way it didn’t matter. Girls were still weird and he wasn’t looking for a mot anyways.

In any event, Will wasn’t one to be rude, so when the girl introduced herself, he nodded in return. “William Bloom, but everyone calls me Will.” He said in return, giving a wave of the hand that currently held a fork. He couldn’t remember if he’d met her before, but he was glad that she didn’t seem to remember him either. It made it considerably less awkward. “You looking forward to term?” Normally, he might have gone back to eating, but a conversation couldn’t hurt, and it would take his mind off how much he didn’t want to be there.

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