Sadie Embers

May 31, 2020, 8:55 p.m.





He was free. After realizing that the prankies were still going on without Shifty’s help, Rocky Mountain International’s Headmaster realized that the poor poltergeist was innocent. He’d been framed. Used! Betrayed again! The only thing that kept Shifty sane was knowing the ickleist Tennant was fighting for him. As soon as he was released, he left one hundred bouquets on her bed in her room - not in her family’s quarters. Didn’t want those awful traitors - especially McKilljoy - getting rid of his thank you.

Somehow, immediately upon his release, Sadie Embers found him. Shifty didn’t know how they did it - those Embers girls just knew when he was around. And she wanted help with something that would help the youngest Kendrick. He loved the Kendricks and the Embers! He’d do whatever they wanted, and he knew that it had to be some delicious mayhem if they were working together.

So the second morning back from classes, he met Sadie in the secret passageways. She gave him a bunch of fliers, and she even gave him an enchanted music player so he could make his big entrance. And at lunch - oh, the Manic Panic lived again!!!

“I’m baaaaaack!!!!” he shrieked as he burst into the Finer Diner. The music player blared music from some Muggle movie - Sadie thought it was very funny and tried to explain it was victorious music at the end of some lion battle - and it certainly made him feel like a winner! As he flew over the students, he dropped the fliers, aiming mostly for heads and plates of food.

The fliers read:

TWATs Talks: What RMI Voices Won’t Tell You!! Issue #1

Did YOU know??

Remington Burnham and Connor Farnon have been DATING!!

They were seen on Pearl Street MANY times sharing coffee and food - on DATES!

It is not okay to date people who aren’t your true love. The TWATs say that you should wait until you find your soulmate. It’s the only way to love!!

Look out for more wisdom from our TWAT leader in our next issue!

As Shifty flew away with a cackle, he heard the murmur of shocked voices left in his wake. Oh, what a joyful sound! He missed this.

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