Andrew Tennant

June 8, 2020, 10:44 p.m.

I hope you’re right

“…and Jennyanydots is lonely without Caliban and Circe,” Madeleine said, continuing the monologue that had lasted for most of brother-sister breakfast time, “so I think Pippa should—Mr. Shifty!”

Huh. So he was back. Drew’s little sister had told him she found her room full of flowers and was sure it meant the poltergeist was back, but Drew’s experience with Shifty Eyes had not been the flowers-leaving kind. Drew wasn’t quite sure why Shifty didn’t mess with Mads, but “growing up at RMI” and “being a Tennant” were definitely not the criteria, because the Manic Panic apparently had no qualms about making fun of Drew.

A flier fluttered down onto the table. Drew grabbed it out of the air before it could land in Madeleine’s brownie batter oatmeal. His eyes landed on the acronym and he audibly sighed. Oh, great, TWATs again. What could Kit be up to this time?

He read the next few lines. It was like taking a Bludger to the ribs. “What the f—pineapple,” he finished, actually saying ‘pineapple’ because he just couldn’t swear in front of Madeleine. Remy dating Connor? No, no way. If this was true he would know… right? He admittedly hadn’t been a great friend to Remington this year. They didn’t hang out so much one-on-one anymore, because Drew had stopped asking her to do that. It was easier to hang out when it was with the Self-Defense Club, or when anyone else was there, because Drew could focus on the other person and not feel so much like he wanted to be alone with Remy. Plus she was so busy with classes and he worked sometimes now. There was a lot going on. So it was maybe a little possible that if something happened, Remy wouldn’t have told Drew about it. After all, a slithery voice in his head reminded Drew, she hadn’t told him about Marley; he’d had to find out about that date from Marley herself. But Marley was so far from Connor that it was like they were not even the same species. Like, Marley was a normal human and Connor was some kind of primitive cro-magnon/worm hybrid.

And that was exactly his point. Remy could date whoever she wanted, obviously, but Drew couldn’t imagine her wanting to date Connor. The amount of mental gymnastics she would need to do to justify that was Olympic.

Drew frowned even harder at the flier. “Hey, Mads, do you know if—”

“Gotta go!” Drew’s little sister jumped up off the bench and ran out of the room after the cackling poltergeist, abandoning her breakfast. “Mr. Shifty, wait up!”

Unable to take his eyes off the flier, Drew sat at their table alone for a few long seconds. He wanted to—well, what he wanted to do was find Connor and demand an explanation. And then if this somehow turned out to be true—Drew wasn’t the kind of guy who just went around punching people (anymore)(he was trying really hard not to be)(he was normally a rational person who didn’t want to punch anyone, Connor was just pretty terrible) but he would definitely need to Have A Word with Connor, the way adults meant You’re In Trouble when they said they needed to Have A Word with you. On second thought, maybe talking to Connor right now was the worst idea Drew had ever had.

Okay, thennnn… Marley was in the Finer Diner right now, and she would know, right? She and Remy were… well, Drew wasn’t totally sure. Marley had kinda sorta maybe implied they were a couple, and every time Drew asked Remy how Marley was, she said “good,” which kinda sounded like Marley had been right.

See, this was why Drew needed to be a better friend.

He got up and went over to where Marley was eating French toast. “Hey, Marley, do you know if—?” He was holding up the flier to show her when she startled. Oops. He hadn’t meant to scare her. But at least what she was saying made sense. “Okay, thank Merlin,” he sighed. “I mean, it can’t be true, right? I thought you and Remy were, you know, something. Plus there’s no way in a million years Remy would date Connor,” he added, hoping Marley would agree with him. “Right?”

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