Andrew Tennant

June 20, 2020, 1:11 p.m.

Then we’re all in trouble

Marley was not the person Drew would normally go to for a logical take on a situation, but he was relieved to hear she had reached the same conclusion he had this time. Remington was too smart to date Connor, and she had way more self-respect than that, and she had, you know, principles. It wasn’t like—look. If Remy was happy then she should obviously date whoever she wanted. But Drew couldn’t believe that Connor would make the list.

He had no idea what to do with the information that Remy and Marley might not be dating. It made him feel some kind of way, but he sternly told that feeling to shut up and mind its own business. One thing at a time.

…ah. Right. This was why Marley was not his go-to logic person. This was sounding like a conspiracy theory. He entertained the thought anyway, because he couldn’t help it. “Yeah, if they were dating, it definitely wouldn’t be because Connor suddenly got how smart and pretty and amazing Remy is,” Drew agreed. It was really warm in the Finer Diner. He tugged at the collar of his Heartless Nebula band tee. “But like you said, she’s too smart for that,” he reminded Marley. “Plus I don’t think Connor’s smart enough to come up with dating Remington to make Claudia jealous.”

“Also this is Kit’s club,” he added, waving the flier he’d rescued from Madeleine’s breakfast like it completely proved his point. Which it did. What they had to remember was that this was Kit’s doing… and usually when Kit said ridiculous things it was because she’d misinterpreted something in the wildest way possible. Even a normal conversation with Kit was like a game of Floo-Chain sometimes—like everything you said was being whispered down a line of people before it got to her. And yes, usually Kit’s claims were based on something real, but her margin of error was about as wide as the Rockies.

He hesitated. He didn’t want to meddle because it was seriously none of his business, but if Remy would be happier or better off, he wanted to make that happen. “Maybe you should, like… talk to her?” Drew suggested to Marley. “Not about this, about dating. I mean, if you want things to be… explicit…” No, that was definitely the wrong word. “If you want it to be ‘official’ or exclusive whatever, I mean. You should just ask her if she feels the same way. Remy likes it when people are just honest with her.” His stomach squirmed. It was hard to tell himself that was none of his business.

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