Marley Chapman

June 27, 2020, 10:05 p.m.

I don't know who can fix this one

Crossing her toes inside her boots wasn’t the most comfortable - not that her boots were too tight or anything; they were in fact exactly the perfect size without even needing to be charmed to fit, which was a rare miracle in the world of secondhand shopping and had absolutely made her Christmas-traffic-clogged bus ride to the Goodwill on the far side of Toronto worth it - so she didn’t hold that position too long. Besides, Drew had brought up a great point, which was that Connor was too much of a socially inept moron to think of an elaborate plan to make Claudia jealous by dating-and-dumping Remy. Okay he hadn’t used those exact words, but same diff. Besides, he’d also emphasized how smart Remy was, and how pretty, and wait was Drew… blushing? Marley’s black brows drew together thoughtfully. Huh.

And then she realized she was frowning and stopped doing that and instead started nodding and mm-hmm-ing, because she one-hundred-percent agreed with everything Drew was saying, including his latest point about how the TWATs were led by Kit. Er well, as much as Kit was able to lead something. In her experience, the younger Lyra had a habit of dropping things and then jumping back erratically, which wasn’t normally conducive to running an entire club, but she had held it out surprisingly well with TWATs... although that was probably impacted by the club being largely made up of her and the (more coherent and slightly concerningly Aquila-ish, despite not being in that House) Sadie Embers, or maybe just the fact it wasn’t taken seriously by literally everyone else Marley knew at RMI and so its ebbs and flows didn’t register much on the grand scale of things. Between prank wars and the occasional stabbing (fine, it had only happened once but it was hashtag Iconic in the worst way), an ironically-named club that popped up just when you’d almost managed to forget about it was not the most significant event.

Except for y’know, the contents of the pamphlet. That had to come from somewhere. If Connor wasn’t smart enough to wield jealousy as a weapon, Kit for sure wasn’t smart enough to invent a whole story about two people dating who definitely couldn’t be. (But to be fair, it didn’t take much conventional smarts to invent stories of the Kit variety.)

She was tossed off this mental train when Drew unexpectedly offered advice on her and Remy’s… whatever they were, or weren’t. “You think so? Like, it seems obvious,” she clarified, because it did, and subversive gay culture aside it was very much within Marley’s personal preference to just say what was on her mind and wear her heart on both sleeves, “but it’s not like I’ve had the best track record of being upfront and then things actually going where I hoped they would. I always wind up either dumped or dumping. Both suck,” she laughed, rolling her eyes. “But yeah. I probably should.” Her thoughts wandered back to earlier, and without really thinking about it she quizzed him, “You’re really close, hey? But you’ve never dated. Not that I’d expect you to, of course, that cliche about how ‘boys and girls can’t be just friends’ is all cishet propaganda. I’m just curious, like… did you ever think about it? Or even now, do you talk about who you’re dating with each other?” She’d never had a friend to do that with, at least not consistently: Claudia was an amazing friend, but there had been some rocky times in Marley’s early dating experiences, especially when said experiences had been very not straight.

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