Jason Fitz

July 5, 2020, 6:08 p.m.

Itsza Pizza Pie!

Today was Friday the 13th and even though Jace was totally not a superstitious dude he had been at RMI for long enough to not trust his housemates any day of the week and especially not today. A day where superstitious people got weirded out by the littlest things sounded like a party to Jace, which meant it sounded like a party to probably half the Aquila House. In fact, Jace was the sort of guy who’d asked for a black cat every year for his birthday since learning that black cats were supposed to be unlucky. He didn’t so much want a cat as he wanted something to freak people out with. Really, he would have been just as happy with something slimy, like a salamander, but salamanders actually made pretty lame pets apparently.

Obviously luck wasn’t a totally empty concept - Felix Felicius worked on something - but Jace was ten thousand percent sure that cats and luck had nothing to do with each other. Except maybe that people who had cats had more broken stuff, but any dumbo could see that wasn’t ‘cause of the luck/i> brought by the cat.

Even though it was January, Jace was wearing tan cargo shorts and a black t-shirt with the logo for this Muggle band called Anti-Flag that Jenna was really into. Even for a girl, Jenna was pretty cool so Jace wasn’t above pretending to like rando Muggles screaming about politics he didn’t understand and pretending it was music for the purpose of getting to hang out with the cooler of his two older sibs. She even told him about this guy she was hanging out with who she went axe-throwing with, which sounded hecka awesome and also totally like something a normal little brother would tease a normal older sister about, except for Jace wanted to keep all his appendages and otherwise attached and Jenna hadn’t specified if the axes she was throwing were her own, or where she kept them. She probably didn’t carry weaponry on her person, aside from her wand. Jace was like. Pretty sure. But not sure enough to risk it.

Right now was the time to risk lunch though, because Jace’s stomach was growling and no matter how skeptical he was about the restraint of his housemates, his hungry stomach would wait for no man. The Aquila still stayed pretty aware of his surroundings while he walked into the Finer Diner though, which was how he noticed a much older girl wearing ka-bang earrings and eating pizza. It was also how he got offered pizza, although it was before he had the chance to actually see what was on the other tables in the Finer Diner. It was weird if she was offering him pizza that was available at every table, but not weird if she’d like, gone to get it from Pearl Street or something.

“Rad,” he said, flipping his bangs out of his hair and sliding into the seat across from the girl. “I’m Jace and I’m happy to take some pizza off your hands. Hot-button topping choices,” Jace added, examining the pizza and seeing more vegetables than he was confident he could name, and some pineapple.

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