Marley Chapman

July 14, 2020, 10:54 p.m.

The very best of pies!

Marley wasn’t expecting to be turned down (what boy would possibly turn down pizza?) (...not to generalize by age or gender, pizza had universal appear across all spectrums of identities, it was just one of those foods with so many varieties that there was truly something for everyone, but younger kids were objectively always hungry and younger boys in particular she rarely saw in the Diner without a mouthful of something) but it still pleased her that the newly-identified Jace had agreed to lend a hand. Having grown up under the mindset of never leaving even a crumb behind, food waste was just one of those things she tried her best to avoid. It didn’t matter that she’d spent most of the past seven years at RMI, where the kitchen elves could easily take back whatever she couldn’t finish herself and hopefully do some good with it. What mattered was that she was not capable of eating an entire pizza by herself, and it was generally frowned upon to store leftovers in her bedroom, and there was another person here now who could help solve that problem.

“Thanks!” Marley returned cheerfully, interpreting his obvious investigation of the pizza as a compliment. “The banana peppers are a little hot, but the avocado balances it out really well. I hope you don’t mind vegetarian pizza,” she added with a laugh. Piling a couple slices on to her plate, she offered to serve Jace too out of that good ole Canadian politeness (definitely a more valid generalization; not that Canada, being a massive country, had much culture of its own, but she grew up mostly either around Canadian-Italians or in her dad’s very Black neighbourhood, and both of those cultures had some common themes around how to eat and serve people and stuff) before tucking in herself. And oh gosh that first bite. She could taste roasted eggplant, goat cheese, arugula, even something lemony. Hundred percent chance Mum would be laughing if she was here, or scoffing, even more likely - she preferred her pizzas simple - but Marley was a huge fan of the flavour mashup currently happening inside her mouth.

The downside of amazing pizza was that it was rather hard to remember that she had company now and conversation was normal for company, so it took her a moment or two of very contented chewing, or possibly half an entire slice of pizza, before she turned her attention properly back to Jace. She didn’t think to check if he had said anything in the interim while she was doing a Big Munch. Hopefully not, because if he had, she’d totally missed it. “So, Jace, what’s at the top of your list for birthday meals? Does pizza make the cut? It’s a big one for me this year, I’m eighteen now,” she told him as if letting him on a big secret - but not the oh now you know the truth of my age secret that the entire beauty industry played off, because that was ridiculous and even Marley at Barely An Adult knew that age was nothing to be ashamed of; nope, this was just the much better oh now you know I can vote and I’ve got big plans for that secret. “And I’m a big fan of birthday pizza, but maybe I should do something else, you know? So I’m open to suggestions.” A part of her doubted that she and Jace would have any interests in common for her to actually take his suggestions, but she was curious to know anyways.

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