Marley Chapman

Aug. 1, 2020, 10:57 p.m.

Good idea! Did it work?

If Marley was anyone else, she might’ve taken Drew’s stuttering as a sign that she had overstepped some invisible boundary. It might’ve prompted her to think back on her question about Drew and Remy’s relationship, realize that it was kind of weird to ask a question like that in general and especially weird when it followed a conversation about her and Remy’s own dating adventures or more specifically misadventures (that was the more accurate word for it, apparently), and then upon such realizations she might’ve done something like apologize or change the topic in a totally obvious attempt to pretend she hadn’t committed some kind of social faux pas.

However, Marley was very much herself, and so the only train of thought she was entertaining right now was the one where she was suddenly very interested in Drew’s response. Er, lack of response. All the gaping and blushing was pointing in the direction of a response, but she didn’t want to jump to assumptions before he’d had a chance to actually make words about whatever he was thinking. For all she knew, he’d just been taken by surprise, and any second now he was going to insist that Remy was basically his sister, the concept of dating her was repulsive, and he’d never thought to talk to her about their separate dating lives either because even that was gross enough--

Or he could just confirm that he had been and/or might still be into Remy. That was cool, too.

A small part of her wanted to gasp or make some kind of shocked facial expression, and another small part of her wanted to roll her eyes or do some kind of but-of-course sigh, but the Lyra did a very good job of not doing either of these things. In fact, she managed to maintain her same neutrally curious facial expression, which was impressive. It got easier as Drew elaborated a little and inserted a reminder of his current relationship status.

“Hey, of course it matters,” she couldn’t help insisting. “You can’t sit there and tell me to communicate if you’re not doing it yourself. I think it’s totally normal to be still figuring yourself out, I mean, even in platonic relationships you grow up a lot over three years, and want to try new things, and relationships change. And you gotta hope that after three years, it’s solid enough that you can talk about it and work through changes together.” Her parents were the obvious example; Marley had lost count of how many times they’d broken up and then hooked back up since she was a little kid, and look at them now - they had learned to communicate and they were rock solid along with Jaime. Although she had a sneaking suspicion that neither Darlene nor Remy nor possibly Drew himself would be interested in having a threesome. Uh, throuple. Threelationship?

Also wait no she wasn’t supposed to be encouraging that, right? Because she wanted to date Remy. Drew already had a girlfriend. But also, she wanted to help him, and it sounded like talking to Darlene and Remy would help. “So yeah. My vote’s on talking it out with both of them." Why was she like this? She was too good of a person sometimes. "But do what makes you happy, I guess. Just… don’t get stuck with regrets. It sucks.” On that optimistic note, Marley shrugged by means of conclusion and took an aggressively large bite of syrup-soggy pancake.

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