Eugene Hardie

Oct. 6, 2019, 11:52 a.m.

Don't worry. I've got this.

The ghosts had gone quiet.

So quiet that Eugene began to wonder if everyone was right: there was no ghost conspiracy. Even Elliot had begun to doubt. When Eugene had gone home for the summer he had tried to put it all to the back of his mind. He focused instead on his new hobby. Eugene had taken up pottery. So far he hadn't made any pots but he had sculpted a lovely kitty with a potato shaped head that had earned the adoration of his family. He had named it Whiskey and packed it in his trunk intending to display it proudly in the Lyra common room.

But now he was back at RMI all his old fears came flooding back to him. He remembered how the ghosts had come for Tycho and the terrible TWATs and their terrible party. He gave Leo's arm a little shake and followed it up with a warning: be careful what you eat! He looked around the diner for Joey and Elliot, and upon finding each of them jumped upwards, arms waving, and yelled "Hii!"

Once all the greetings were out of the way he sprinted off toward the Lyra and threw himself down on the ground.

Someone was chattering about fireworks beside him and whilst usually Eugene would agree that fireworks were like glitter explosions in the sky and therefore one of the most beautiful sights to see, on this occasion he merely shushed them because he was a little preoccupied processing the announcement that the new Head Boy and it was HIS BROTHER!!

Of course Leopold would be Head Boy. He was super smart and responsible but also really fun. Eugene thought he was gonna explode into a multi-colour ball of fire and sparks he was so proud. No firework display could be better than this feeling. He beamed across the fire at his brother and immediately began planning a party because if ever there was a reason for cake and streamers it was this.

He turned around to ask the person beside him if they had any good party ideas when he realised he was sitting beside one of the twins. Eugene couldn't ever remember which one was which but Eugene was super jealous of them. It must be The Best having a twin. Like even better than having a big brother. They would be your bestest friend and always know when you had a blister and needed to sit down during scenic walks. Eugene was just about to ask the twin if they could do telepathy when they started handing a dish to him and talking about pineapples in a way that caused Eugene's spine to tingle.


So it was pineapple this year. They just had to be thankful it was a downgrade from the fluffy joys of a pancake and therefore less people were likely to suffocate. Indeed this attack felt much more targeted than previous moves made by the ghosts. Maybe like five people here were allergic to pineapples. Luckily Eugene didn't think he was one of them. He'd had pineapple ice cream one time without his throat closing up and someone needed to get this deadly food away from the twin. He grabbed the plate from the twin and began shovelling the delicious rice and pineapple combo into his mouth. "Do you know Anssi Lundqvist?" he asked, mouth filled with food.

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