Andrew Tennant

Oct. 10, 2019, 7:38 p.m.

I’m pretty much the same

Draco. Ha, he knew it.

Drew applauded for Madeleine as she skipped over to her bonfire, then decided applause was not enough for his baby sister getting sorted and put two fingers in his mouth and whistled the way Dad had taught him. Madeleine had been talking about becoming a fully-fledged RMI student for exactly a year, and even more this summer as the family took her shopping to Pearl Street to get her supplies, and especially more after she’d gotten her own wand. Drew remembered being excited before his first year, but Madeleine exuded her joy for school. It was a good energy that Drew just couldn’t find it in himself to get annoyed about her.

He also couldn’t be annoyed about not getting prefect. He hadn’t exactly been a stellar role model last year. It would’ve been cool to be prefects together with Darlene (Drew gave another loud whistle when she went up to accept her badge), but Huburt really deserved it. They would have to celebrate.

If Drew could figure out what kind of celebration Huburt would actually enjoy. And then talk him into participating.

When the speech ended, Drew plucked a few mini-quiches from a house elf’s serving tray (tiny food was just better than full-sized food) and turned to talk to… he kind of had to do a double-take but yes, that was definitely Dakota. Wow. She looked really different. Obviously she’d changed a lot since she first transitioned—if Drew didn’t know her back then, he wouldn’t even be able to tell she’d ever lived as a boy—but the boots and fishnets and skirt were a whole new look. Her makeup was different too, but Drew didn’t know enough about makeup to really identify how. It looked a lot less like how Holland did their makeup and a lot more like the kind of makeup Drew associated with bands like Garlic Allergy.

“It was good,” Drew answered. “I wrote a lot of music, and I went and visited Darlene for a little while. In between listening to Madeleine talk about how excited she is. I have no idea what she’s gonna talk about now that school has actually started. All summer was just ‘what House do you think I’m gonna be in?’ and ‘tell me about what Professor Ramirez is like, again’ and ‘I hope I have a roommate! I hope I like my roommate!’ It was adorable and pretty much constant.” Drew grinned fondly. Madeleine was going to have a great time at RMI. “How about you?”

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