Deagret Wyckland

Aug. 23, 2020, 8:57 p.m.

Just did a bad thing...

After somehow reaching 40k followers on TikTok over the summer, Dea had come to the conclusion that she was truly unstoppable. Which lead her to her current situation, in which she was very nervous but also feeling ballsy as hell.

You know, considering the fact that she'd snuck a dirt bike into her luggage. Just casually. Like you do.

She'd tried to dig as many charms as she could to try to make it less conspicuous during a trial run about a week ago, and realized that she just wasn't going to be able to do it. So, Dea ordered a shrinking potion from a shop on Pearl Street, and prayed to god that her bike (which she'd named Susan for the moment--it was a work in progress) wouldn't put a hole in her dorm bed frame when said potion wore off.

Her renewed confidence in her plan took a nose-dive when she suffered a major blow to her ego earlier in the week: Dea's account, onthedl, had been shadow banned.

Which meant that now, TikTok was no longer in the cards as a career choice. Major bummer. She had kind of blown up after 1) putting eco-friendly but super tiny glitter in every shampoo and conditioner and soap bottle in the house and 2) after piercing her orbital by herself and walking into her mother's office with the needle still in, and freaking the heck out of her. Both videos were set to the tune of "Just did a bad thing", which was currently running through her head now. Not to mention many other videos that had done quite well. A couple of her friends had found her account, and honestly it embarrassing. Now that she wasn't going to grow much of a larger account, she wished she'd never started it. Another instance of "Just did a bad thing," really.

Only difference was, she was already regretting this way more than the everything else combined. In fact, she quite liked her piercing and while the glitter prank did get Dea grounded for three weeks, this topped everything. This could get her in trouble trouble. (It was kind of exhilarating but that didn't seem like a healthy habit so the 3rd year decided not to have a crisis during the feast. She'd think about what that adrenaline rush meant about her personality and current mental state later.)

She just needed to make sure she didn't get caught with her bike, otherwise her Head of House and her Aunt Annette would probably have her head. And then, poof, no more motorcycle at graduation. And Deagret couldn't let that happen.

So, strolling over to the tables, she picked up a cupcake and tried to busy herself with cutting it with a fork and knife into small squares like a maniac. Someone sat down next to her and she gave them a quick "hi" and a smile before returning her gaze to her chocolate cupcake. And then the need to fill the silence sparked her to say, "Um, how was your summer?" in a very pained voice.

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