Remington Burnham

Aug. 23, 2020, 9:21 p.m.

One last tiiiiime

This was her last opening feast at Rocky Mountain International.

By now, she was experienced at traveling by portkey, and Remington Burnham landed on her feet in the Finer Diner. Underneath her school robes, she wore a dress that she bought with Claudia. It was black with buttons all the way down the front, and the red belt wrapped around her waist helped the dress hug her curves just enough to make her slightly uncomfortable. She felt almost pretty, though, and it felt like the right call. After last term, Remington needed all the confidence she could get.

The end of her sixth year was horrific. The Draco still felt unsure about her friendship with Drew. At least they wrote to each other over the summer. She told him about her Animagus summer program in the Appalachian Mountains, which was great. She’d managed to almost transform individual body parts. Her mentor said she’d figure out what her animagus form would be any day now, and the transformations would absolutely follow. Since he still talked to her, he probably didn’t believe Kit’s lies about her and Connor, but things still felt weird.

Speaking of Kit, she tried to tell Remington more lies about Drew and Darlene breaking up at the end of term. Remington knew by now not to trust anything the red-headed terror said. Drew never mentioned it, and she had no doubts her best friend would tell her if he ended his three year relationship. He hadn’t, so clearly Kit was spinning another story to add interest to whatever fantasy world she lived in. Remington still didn’t understand why Kit would lie to the entire school and say she was dating Connor.


If anything made her seventh year at RMI better, it was that Connor had graduated. Helping him with his college applications as a kind gesture turned out to be more trouble than it was worth. After Kit’s rumor set everything into chaos, Connor seemed properly horrified at the idea they would ever date. Remington was used to the former student’s racism - and all his other -isms - to shrug it off. She also didn’t want to be associated with him like that.

But when he apologized for being disgusted and rude, Connor then tried to make it up to her by asking her out. Remington stared, said something along the lines of, “What? I - absolutely not,” and walked away. They hadn’t spoken since.

At least Connor was gone. And it was going to be a quiet year - college applications, stellar schoolwork, graduation. From her spot at the Draco fire, she heard her name and her face broke out into a big smile. Apparently, the year would also include being Head Student. She avoided chewing on her bottom lip, since she’d actually put a neutral lipstick on in an attempt to look nice, and walked right up to the Headmaster to accept her badge. She pinned it right next to the existing prefect badge.

When she returned to the Draco fire, she felt like happy little butterflies were taking over her body. They’d moved past her stomach and all of her felt fuzzy and warm. That Head Student badge was a sign. This year, she would be successful, she’d avoid trouble, she’d become an animagus, and she would get into every college of her choice for anthropology, technomancy, or both.

A younger student spoke up and asked Remington, “Um, how was your summer?” The older Draco blinked her brown eyes and pretended she realized there was someone next to her all along. She was lost in her Head Student thoughts.

“It was good. Deagret, right?” She answered with a smile. She brushed one of her brown curls away from her eyes; the rest were trapped behind one of her trademark giant bows. Even though she wore a more grown up outfit now, she couldn’t leave behind the giant bows her dad made. They were a comfort. “A little boring. I worked on animagus training and tried to finalize my college list. What about you? Did you do anything fun this summer?”

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