Norah Nilssen

Aug. 23, 2020, 9:43 p.m.

Uncertainty awaits

Norah was livid. She hadn’t spoken to either of her parents since they’d broken the news to her at the start of the summer. Unbeknownst to the fourteen year old, they had gone and gotten her engaged. ENGAGED. Like an arranged engagement to some she didn’t even know. What if she didn’t like them? Or they were weird? Or they were secretly a sociopath who only pretended to want to marry her but really intended to murder her and bury her body? Regardless, the blonde was not having it and she’d made sure it was known. The majority of the summer had been spent with doors being slammed and a sulky teenage girl stomping around the house. Needless to say, her parents hadn’t yet gone through planning a party because, knowing Norah, they didn’t trust her not to explode. She’d always been a rather temperamental child anyway and her clear displeasure of the contract kept them wary. The Nilssen patriarch was firmly set on the arrangement to a well-to do pureblood Scandinavian family that was above Norah’s current station and would no doubt bring some amount of renown to the family name. Her mother had been caught between two storms that countered each other and she wasn’t really sure who it was that would come out as the more massive disaster.

Now that she was heading back to school, Norah was bound and determined not to let the audacity of her father outshine her will to do as she wished. Her independence was the most valuable thing to her and she refused to have it taken away from her so easily. Her father simply had to be made to see that Norah wasn’t going to play his game. They might have been a pureblooded family, but her father couldn’t pretend that they were as pristine and proper as he claimed. His facade was despicable and the Lyra couldn’t stand it. If someone wanted to disown her, she would gladly accept it with a smile on her face.

Setting foot in the school she had come to semi-enjoy was a welcoming sight then the stern face she was met with at home. Of course, Gigi was still a thorn in her side, but she could easily deal with that now that she had bigger fish to fry. The blonde set her things off to the side as per usual and made her way into the Finer Diner, feeling a small sense of relief wash over her at the familiar sight of the House bonfires. She’d probably never admit it, but she had a certain fondness for the first few days of school. It was always bustling with the new kids finding their way around, the staff busying themselves with the first handful of classes, and the general chaos that went with a new start. A smile twitched onto her face and she wrapped her fingers into the soft grey cardigan she was wearing.

Her straight locks were pulled back into a braid, laid specifically along her shoulder to accent the line of her neck and jaw. Over the summer, she’d gotten a little less gangly and the slightest hints of the woman she was growing into were starting to show. She was a long way from the beautiful that her mother was, but without the baby fat on her cheeks and her limbs a little more proportioned, she was passably pretty. Her leggings and ballet flats were black with a Lyra green sleeveless tunic under the cardigan, both of which fell just above her knees. The outfit hid her narrow hips and the awkward straight lines of her body, shapes that she was beginning to feel self conscious about. It was a new sensation for the normally confident girl. Still, those small insecurities didn’t keep her from striding over to the Lyra fire with her chin tilted slightly upward and a shining glint in her eye. She wasn’t going to let the new developments of her foolish father stop her from enjoying the life she had.

She sat with shoulders straight as Headmaster Morgan went over the usuals, clapping politely as the new prefects and head students were announced. Norah had no interest in ever holding any of those positions, but she could acknowledge the achievement and status that came with it. After the quick bustle of sorting, the blonde found herself picking at her food, disinterest coloring her movements. Her current state of affairs continued to leave a sour taste in her mouth and even the bright atmosphere of the Opening Feast didn’t outshine the sense of dread she felt. With all the buzzing conversation around her, Norah felt hopelessly lost all of a sudden, and a slight frown painted her features. How was she going to survive the term, let alone the rest of her life if she had her independence taken away from her.

Abandoning her untouched plate of food, she settled for picking at the sleeves of her cardigan, dwelling on things that she needed to change. Lost in her thoughts, a shadow appeared on the floor she had been staring at. “Oh,” she said, startling and glancing upward to the owner of the dimming light. “I’m sorry, was I in your way?” There were plenty of spots to the other side of her and she wasn’t sure that she wasn’t blocking anyone’s path. “I can move, if you need?”

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