Katherine Kendrick

Aug. 24, 2020, 9:47 a.m.

Let me bring some sunshine to your life

Overall, Kit had spent a lot of time recently thinking about true love.

She loved her cousin Drew, but he had made a really bad decision at the end of last year probably because...well Kit wasn’t sure because of what, but it was probably because he had some sort of old-timey illness like brain fever that made you do dumb things because he had broken up with Darlene, even though Drew and Darlene were the perfect couple and should live happily ever after. They were so perfect together even their names matched! Kit knew that they were truly meant to be, but it appeared as though Drew didn’t. So she had embarked on a quest over the summer to make Drew understand the importance of True Love, by watching the most romantic movie ever: The Princess Bride.

It was also a good movie because Darlene was like a princess. She was pretty and always wore nice clothes and had good manners, things that Kit didn’t do herself because she was definitely not a princess, but Darlene definitely was and Kit could respect that. Plus Darlene’s last name was literally Knight - how could you not be a princess with that combination?

Now, Kit wasn’t totally naive and she knew that they were sixth years and sometimes older kids did...a little more than kissing in the secret passageways. Kit didn’t actually know what to think about that, but she was almost positive that was why Darlene and Drew had broken up. She just couldn’t think of any other reason! When Darlene sent pictures to Drew and told Kit about it, Kit had spent several days watching her cousin suspiciously. Kit definitely didn’t think that the pictures were a good idea (her grandpas would totally freak out if they found out) but at the same time, if that was the problem with Drew and Darlene….

But there had been no indication of Drew budging on the point of True Love. Not even after they watched The Princess Bride almost every single day for the month of August. Not even when Kit talked about how perfect Darlene was. Not even after Kit did her best Stitch impression after explaining that Darlene was practically ohana. It wasn’t hopeless, Kit knew that True Love was pretty much cosmically meant to be, but so far Drew was resisting all her efforts.

However, while spending so much time on True Love, Kit realized that she had never really had a True Love. She had thought that she and Satveer would be together forever, but then he’d broken up with her via owl over the summer and Kit had more or less refused to talk to him since. She had only had one boyfriend and zero girlfriends (although she didn’t really think she wanted girlfriends - it was something she’d had to think about when Marissa had revealed she had one, though). It was time to change that.

The best time to change things was the Opening Feast, because it was the beginning of a new year and that was the best time to bring the new you to school. So with that in mind, Kit went to sit at the Lyra fire, intending to stay no longer than Headmaster Toby’s remarks. She cheered when it was the time to cheer (Remy was Head Student!) and was quiet when it was time to be quiet, and then as soon as it was possible she stood up and skipped her way over to the Draco fire, sequined Converse shining in the flickering lights that illuminated the Finer Diner. She sat down firmly next to Anssi and said hi, and Anssi asked her about breakfast food. Totally used to weird topics happening at the beginning of conversations (although she was usually the one bringing them), Kit thought for a minute, then pointed out a house elf carrying a tray of thin, rolled pancakes with stuff inside.

“Those ones,” she said. “They’re Russian pancakes, you put different stuff inside them but they’re pretty much just fancy thin pancakes. I don’t remember what they’re called but I had them a few years ago and they were good,” Kit explained, grabbing a taco and assorted fillings for herself. She settled the taco on her plate, used her fingers to make sure the fillings would all stay in place, then looked at Anssi. “Would you like to be my boyfriend?” she asked, before taking a large bite of taco.

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