Mikael Lundqvist

Aug. 26, 2020, 9:39 p.m.

I think I need some sunscreen first

“Russian pancakes?” he echoed, turning around to see where Kit was pointing. Despite having spent the last half of his summer so close to Russia, he hadn’t come across anything that seemed even a little like pancakes. The Kazakh cuisine was very focused on sheep; it had been lucky that none of them were vegetarians, because there was sheep meat in almost every single dish no matter what meal it was for. (They even had sheep milk and cheese, somehow, which he hadn’t known was possible.) There were bread-like things too, the most common type being a flat puffy disc Jocke had made the mistake of calling naan, but while he couldn’t remember the Kazakh word for it he doubted that it was Russian pancakes. The Russian version was probably different from the Swedish or American version, but pancake as a concept had some universal aspects, he thought.

Despite not being sure what he was supposed to be looking at, he quickly spotted a plate of what looked like crepes, which fit Kit’s description. “Oh, that looks perfect for breakfast,” he nodded with a grin. “Thank you!” A house-elf was immediately waved over, and soon left Anssi newly in possession of a small stack of what the creature had told him was called a blini. Feeling in an experimental mood, he’d requested blinis with a variety of fillings ranging from jam and cheese to caviar and smoked herring; all typical breakfast items, at least in his home country. Americans seemed to rarely eat fish for breakfast. He’d never understood that. There was limited coastal access in most of the country, but it wasn’t like Muggles hadn’t come up with all sorts of vehicles to transport food from one end to the other. Of course the nice thing about RMI’s magical kitchens was that he could always find something appropriate for his tastes - or if he didn’t find it himself, there was always someone like Kit around to make suggestions - and, eyeing the blinis hungrily, Anssi picked up his utensils and sliced in.

Naturally Kit picked that moment to start talking and asked - wait, what??

The Draco was surprised and confused, neither of which were helpful emotions when also dealing with a mouthful of pastry. He promptly choked, managed to catch his breath, and had to take a big gulp of water, which both helped him stop coughing and bought him a few seconds to process what Kit had just asked. Not that there really was much to process. While Anssi didn’t have any dating experience himself, and had never really looked for it to be honest, he had enough exposure to know that normally people didn’t declare themselves boyfriend/girlfriend (or any other combination) until after going on at least a couple dates. He was pretty sure he hadn’t done anything with Kit last year that could give her the idea they were dating, and even if he had that was still a year ago and there was no way she would have waited this long to ask him to make it official. So then why would she be asking him? He knew sometimes people did fake-dating stuff to make others jealous, but if Kit was trying to make someone jealous he had a hunch she’d find a much more... unique way of doing it, so that couldn’t be it either.

His seconds of processing were up, and as he hadn’t succeeded in figuring out for himself where her question had come from, the only option was to ask her. “Sorry, the pancakes were hot,” he said, normally opposed to lies of all sorts but figuring a tiny lie would be fine in this case - he didn’t want the fact he’d choked at her question to hurt her feelings or anything. “Why do you ask that? We’re not… dating, and you’re not… I mean, I’m not...” Okej, next problem, how did he point out that she had never shown any sign of liking him and he didn’t think he liked her either without being rude? Was it even possible? Anssi let the sentence trail off, hoping that she would just save him and fill the silence.

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