Jacob Fitz

Oct. 11, 2019, 11:40 a.m.

Great I'm glad someone is in charge of this.

Eugene Hardie was the kid on Jake’s side and he had just shushed him! Did this kid really want to hear the Headmaster ramble? What a loser. Jake realized that it was during the accoment of the Perfects and Head students perhaps Eugene knew one of them that had been named to a position of power in school.

Thankfully when Jake had offered the plate of rice and pineapple Eugene had taken it without question and Jake and started asking the elves if the items he was grabbing had pineapple in them. Soon he had mini quiche, potstickers and a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. He had just stuffed a whole potsticker into his mouth when Eugene asked if he knew Annsi Lundqvist. At least that’s what Jake thought he was asking it was kind of hard to tell since Eugene’s mouth was full of food.

Jake chewed his potsticker enough for him to be able to speak and replied his own mouth filled. “Nope is he some kind of scientist? Does he have a secret lab?” The name seemed like some kind of scientist who had a secret lab. It would be cool to have a secret lab. For Jake it would be a secret potion lab. Potions was his favorite class.

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