Jameson Daegan

Aug. 29, 2020, 8:12 p.m.

The Perfect Prefect

JD landed electric blue dragonhide boots first in the Finer Diner after the summer break of a lifetime.

Just the night before, he’d finished the last leg of his international tour, where he’d let local singers open for him out of the kindness of his heart. He kicked off in Los Angeles, then went down to Sao Paulo, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and then back across the best parts of Europe until Amsterdam. They spent extra time in that amazing city; he’d even gotten rid of the big V! It felt like a right of passage, since his voice finally changed enough to stop cracking during his songs. Being able to use his own gifts, not enhanced by a tuning charm, was perfect. And the girl he met was very, very pretty. He returned to Rocky Mountain International a man with a new burst of energy funneling his career; it would surely be enough to keep his popularity alive while he was stuck in this hellhole. And if his wallet was some galleons lighter from the whole trip, that was okay. He could ask his mother for more from his bank eventually.

Not only was his summer the best, and far beyond what any of his classmates could have experienced, he knew his school year would be phenomenal. See, Toby gave JD’s agent a quote to use in the popular wizarding magazine - Teen Witch - when the tour was announced. He called the Cetus an outstanding young man, one of the best students at the school, and hinted that JD may need a spot free on his robes for a special accolade. Having admitted that he wanted to support his pupil in his artistic endeavors, Toby was gifted with a little fruit basket and tickets to his upcoming USA Winter Tour.

He smoothed out his school robes, adjusting them just so. His black dress shirt and electric blue tie were visible, and his tight black pants matched perfectly. He’d made sure his sandy hair had been perfectly tosselled, and he wore just enough concealer, and a highlight at the corner of each eye, to make those blue orbs pop.

If there was going to be photos of his big moment, he needed to be ready.

Eventually, the time came, and when Toby announced JD as a prefect, he did his very best, “Who, me?” face. His hands framed his jaw, mouth forming a little o, and he walked up to get this badge. It sat perfectly on his robes after. This was going to make such a great cover story: “Pop-star Prefect: JD’s Journey.”

Taking his place back at the Cetus fire, JD sat down and reached into his messenger bag that he kept separate from his luggage. From it, he grabbed a blanket and placed it on the floor. Now that he knew the school was going to require their students to eat on the filthy floor, he could be prepared. He also pulled out a warm container of a half-portion grilled salmon and brussel sprout salad. It was only then that he realized his agent hadn’t packed cutlery. He cursed under his breath and turned to a student.

“Please tell me that they offer silverware despite all the finger food around.” He gestured at his meal prep. “This isn’t exactly a slice of pizza.”

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