Andrew Tennant

Aug. 30, 2020, 3:52 p.m.

Just two guys being dudes

Of his roommates, Will was definitely the one Drew would want to talk to about this. Nothing against Huburt—he’d been Drew’s roommate since Day One and they got along really well—but affairs of the heart were just not Huburt’s forte. If Drew had a homework problem, or a need for a trivia teammate, or a polo shirt shortage, there was no one better to go to than Huburt. But Huburt said that dating in school was a waste of time (this was also how he felt about clubs, although Drew had gotten him to grudgingly admit that being on the newspaper staff would be helpful for Drew later) and didn’t seem to get people enough to give interpersonal advice. So Will, who cared about dating and got how teenage humans behaved, was the better option here by far.

And oh man, Will had been through it. Here Drew had thought being on the dump-er’s side of things was tough, but being the dumpee had to be worse, even when the other person was trying to be nice (which it sounded like Will’s friend hadn’t). Drew didn’t get how you could jilt someone you cared about so callously, even if you didn’t have romantic feelings for them. Drew had tried to be really gentle with Darlene and he still felt guilty about it. It just didn’t seem fair to keep dating her when he wanted to date someone else, and it would be pretty selfish to string her along like a backup plan for if a different relationship didn’t work out. No, he’d done the right thing. He just felt awful.

Although now he was just kind of annoyed about the whole mess, mostly thanks to Kit the Relationship Avenger. He wished someone would convince his cousin that you couldn’t annoy a person into a relationship, but once Kit had gotten her claws into an idea, changing her mind was about as possible as conjuring food.

“That really sucks, man,” Drew said. He took a bite of arepa and chewed while he thought about what to say next. He didn’t want to do the thing where a person told you about a problem and you made it all about yourself, but then again, Drew had brought up his problem first. “And yeah, I mean, I wanna still be friends with Darlene, but things were serious between us and, I don’t know, she took it pretty hard. Do you think people can still really be friends after a breakup?” Maybe Drew would just have to accept that he and Darlene couldn’t. “I mean, you and your friend weren’t even dating and you still didn’t want to see him after. What would make you change your mind about that?”

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