Jason Fitz

Aug. 30, 2020, 6:06 p.m.

Well I'm your DPS

Pretty much Jace liked Elliot. They didn’t spend a lot of time together and Jace wasn’t super sure that Elliot could tell him and Jake apart, but whatever. Elliot was friends with Sadie so Jace knew who he was at least enough to let Elliot copy off him sometimes. Unlike Jake and Sadie, Elliot seemed to actually like doing homework sometimes, but whenever it was boring stuff he’d take Jace up on the offer. Jace only had one rule when it came to copying his homework: make different mistakes. He was pretty sure that nobody but Jake’d figured out he kept his grades between As and Es on purpose.

The only thing was that Jace was pretty sure that Sadie and Elliot had something going on. Elliot seemed pretty chill and Jace didn’t see him as some guy who’d get all fussed about some girl - not that he thought Sadie would let any guy get all fussed up like that about her - but you didn’t always know a guy the way you thought you knew him. Especially since Elliot was ‘round the age that people started getting real weird. Jace’d heard stories about older RMI kids from other kids and if there wasn’t something they started putting in your water in your fourth or fifth year he didn’t know how to explain some of them. Sure, rumor was rumor, Jace wasn’t an idiot, but there was only so much that rumor could actually explain. Plus he knew for hundred-per-cent true that Dakota’d set some girl on fire, Jenna had said so and Jenna didn’t lie about stuff like that. You could tell ‘cause she also didn’t say it in front of Mom and Dad.

And yeah, Elliot was a cool dude. Jace didn’t think he’d want to go to Japan, if he went to another country he’d want it to be something like...well actually he didn’t know. Mexico maybe, except he didn’t speak another language. Europe seemed like it had a stick up its collective butt though. So maybe Japan. Elliot moved on real quick from that though, like he could probably tell that Jace didn’t have much to say about going to other countries. Which, he probably could.

“Yeah? What’d you do to her?” now pranking siblings was something that Jace did know a lot about. “Me’n Jake prank our sibs all the time. Well, when they’re home. And mostly our older brother, our older sister can be scary as all heck so you gotta be real careful not to get caught. But there’s only the four of us so’s not like there’s much anyone else to blame. I’ve got a Dungbomb Detector, if you want’a check your mail with it,” Jace offered, remembering the little wand-like thing he and Jake had pooled their money for a few years back when the older twins first went to college. They didn’t have proof it worked, but they didn’t have proof it didn’t either, so it probably couldn’t hurt.

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