Katherine Kendrick

Aug. 31, 2020, 6:04 a.m.

Nah, just soak up that Vitamin D

Oops, had Kit just killed Anssi?

She was pretty sure she’d had a little bit of a crush on Anssi for a long time, or at least he was really nice and sometimes she felt very fluttery when they did things together. Not all the time, but some of the time. Kit was no expert, but she was pretty sure that meant she at least kind of liked him. As she thought though, she realized that she might have made kind of a mistake - not killing Anssi, it seemed like all he needed was some water - but in that she should have asked Marissa about this before doing anything. Marissa was absolutely an expert on dating. But because Marissa was such an expert on dating, she wasn’t really around anymore. Well that and college. Kit knew it made sense but she couldn’t help being a little resentful of Marissa’s girlfriend for being the reason Marissa was around less. When Marissa was dating Danny, her True Love (even though the two of them didn’t want to admit it), Kit didn’t see either one of them any less. One of many reasons that Danny was the better boyfriend for Marissa.

But even if Marissa didn’t know her True Love when she saw it (and that was okay because sometimes in movies you waited years and years to realize your true love and then one day in an airport or something you met each other again and it was perfect, and probably Marissa and Danny wouldn’t meet in an airport since they could both Floo and Apparate and stuff but something similar was bound to happen one day), Marissa did know a lot about dating. That was how you found your True Love, right? And from Anssi’s response (Kit knew everyone thought that she wasn’t complicated but she could tell when she was being lied to) she had definitely made a mistake.

Mostly, Kit didn’t understand the difference between dating (which Anssi thought they should be doing before they became boyfriend and girlfriend apparently) and just being boyfriend and girlfriend. She quickly went through her mental list of people who had dated: Drew and Darlene, Marissa and Danny, Remy and...well actually now that she thought about it, Remy had tried to go on a date with Malachi that one time. Not new-Malachi, old-Malachi, who was closer to their age (Kit was pretty sure). Remy had definitely never been Malachi’s girlfriend but they also hadn’t gone on a date either, and that had been a whole thing. And Remy hadn’t been dating Connor even though Kit absolutely thought that she had been and the conversation that they’d had after that still bothered Kit so much that she hadn’t told a single person about it, not Marissa and not Drew (but you couldn’t really talk to Drew about Remy anyway, they were best friends). So no, Kit realized, she didn’t really know the difference.

On the other hand, she did know that everyone still thought she was about thirteen half the time, for reasons she didn’t understand. Maybe that was the problem. That was probably the problem. This was suddenly much more confusing than Kit had really bet on. Still, if Anssi wanted to be dating…

“We could be dating,” Kit offered. Maybe that was the wrong way to put it. “Or uh, go on dates. I like you-like you and we’re friends right? So maybe you like me-like me too and you just don’t know it yet.” Even though Kit wasn’t super close bestest friends with Anssi, she was pretty sure he hadn’t dated before. Maybe he was the confused one. But for once in her life, that was about all she really had to say on the matter; somewhere internal, there was an uncharacteristic knot of anxiety that had begun forming and she was super, super not a fan.

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