Norah Nilssen

Sept. 2, 2020, 5:21 p.m.

That's where the uncertainty part comes in

Norah was now staring down at the sight of one of the boys in her year. She quirked an eye at him as he rolled onto the ground and curled up at her feet. Surprisingly, the corner of her mouth twitched upward. It was amusing to watch and the blonde almost found it endearing, if a little annoying. Instead of scoffing and walking away, like she might have when she was younger, the girl bent her legs until she could fold them underneath of her, sitting relatively close to the other Lyra to the point where he’d hit one of her knees if he moved his head too much. She’d kind of mellowed out from the uptight first year she had been, because honestly, it was exhausting and absolutely no fun whatsoever. Plus, she was determined to be friendly this year. Last term had been a total flop in terms of friendship and without Brynjolf around, she’d been pretty lonely. It only made sense that she would try to hang out with some friends in her house. Eugene was in her year, and he might have appeared a little quirky, but some of his antics tended to make her smile.

His question made her pause though. She only shook her head, but surprisingly snagged a few eggrolls from a passing house elf. “Shrimp, pork, or spring roll?” she questioned, noting the three different kinds she had grabbed even as she spooned some rice into her mouth. Upon receiving his answer, the blonde held one out to him, not sure whether he’d take it from her or actually eat it while she was holding it. It wasn’t a typical move for Norah, but she’d been surprising herself more and more recently. Either way, she was offering it.

Grey eyes swept around the room, taking in the various groups who had begun talking around the fires. It was still strange to look over at the red fire and not see her brother’s haphazard hair sticking out at all angles as he laughed with his friends. She knew that Eugene’s brother had graduated too, even though he’d been held back a little, and she wondered if her housemate missed their sibling as frequently as she did. She missed teasing Bryn or listening to him drone on about his obsession with Marley (who he had never actually made a move on despite liking her as much as she could tell he did).

“How was your summer?” She asked, tapping the chopsticks she held carefully against the side of her plate. She glanced back down at the boy sprawled on the floor, quirking her head to the side in question. It was the most harmless, overused question to be asked during the opening feast, but Norah had to admit that small talk was a social skill that she still struggled with despite her “proper” upbringing. Not being around people besides those her father deemed appropriate. Even then, she didn’t really talk much. Smiling and nodding had always been more of her forte unless it was her brother. “Do anything fun with your family before school started?”

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