Dwight Finn

Oct. 11, 2019, 12:21 p.m.

We do we just call it Spellwork now

Remington laughed and that made DJ smile. It had been awhile since he had heard her laugh. It was nice to relax around Remy again. “Fine you win, if I see fries I’m one hundred percent will steal a couple of them.” He said as he took a few and munched on them. “How do you like your fries?” These were just boring crinkle cut fries but to DJ there was no such thing as bad fries.

When Remy said that it must be glamorous filming a movie DJ laughed. “I’ve been to a movie set a few times. It seems pretty boring to be honest. They act for like ten minutes a dude calls cut and then the actors sit down until the director is ready to go again. Uncle Riley says he spends seventy percent of the time in his trailer even when he’s the star of the movie.” He said as he glanced over at her and smiled.

This was nice. Really nice to be talking to Remy again like old times. Well not really like old times he wasn’t flirting but that was because while he thought Remy was cute DJ wasn’t going to fuck up their friendship again. Plus Dakota was the one he really liked flirting with and he hoped one day he could maybe be her boyfriend.

“Oh my god my Uncle would probably die from happiness if she was the next Shirley Temple. But I dunno every time Briar-Rosel sang or danced it looked like every other toddler. Just moving her limbs and making noises. But Uncle Riley says she’s going to be a big star like he is. So I guess we will see?” He said as he glanced towards Cetus. It seemed like Dakota was talking to Drew. He could suggest Remy and he go over there and talk to their friends but for now he would stay put. “And yeah I have taken a few dance classes because of Uncle Riley. But they were ballroom dancing classes. It was right before I went into Wallowa and he wanted me to not embarrass the family name if there were any balls or dances to go into. Apparently when he was here at RMI there was a Prom or something like that.”

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