Counselor Garen Tennant

Sept. 5, 2020, 12:01 a.m.

Heeeeeere’s Lyra!

Somehow, they had all survived Madeleine’s first year as an RMI student. Garen couldn’t believe how old he was, or how smoothly his daughter’s first year had gone. It wasn’t that Madeleine was a troublemaker—on the whole she was one of the least disruptive students, it turned out—but she was headstrong and she could make trouble. (Garen never proved she was behind the forgetfulness potion ordeal, but he hadn’t been able to rule it out.) Fortunately, the return of RMI’s resident poltergeist Shifty Eyes seemed to have mellowed Madeleine’s dislike of authority—which was not, typically, the effect Shifty Eyes had on students, but Garen wasn’t complaining about the fact that his twelve-year-old no longer had a vendetta against her headmaster/his boss.

So for year two, Garen was just hoping she could just keep up the streak of no detentions. And while he was at it, no detentions for Drew, either. Or Aaron.

As the opening feast wound down and the other heads of house began to leave their seats, Garen stood and approached the seafoam green bonfire around which the Lyras were seated. “Welcome and welcome back,” he greeted his students. “My name is Garen Tennant, I’m the head of Lyra. For those of you who are new this year, it’s time to join me on a walk to the Lyra Common Room.” Tomorrow, the prefects and head students would help direct the first-years to their classes. RMI was not a small school, and the layout could be confusing, especially for those who were not used to the concept of an underground Quidditch Pitch.

Tonight, they received a tour of the route from the Finer Diner to the Lyra Commons, with Garen pointing out recognizable landmarks and helpful portraits along the way. The tour ended at an unremarkably blank bit of wall between two paintings. “As some of you may know, Lyra is known for being an artistic house, so the password into the common room is a song. You don’t have to sing if that’s not your cup of tea; humming, whistling, or reciting the lyrics will also grant you entry. The password changes every few weeks and will be posted on the bulletin board inside. I trust that all of you will keep the passwords secret from members of other houses.”

With that disclaimer, Garen turned to the wall and sang the first few lines of “If I Had a Fine White Horse” from The Secret Garden. The space between the paintings opened and widened to reveal the passage that led into the Lyra Common Room. The students could hear the next line of the melody coming from the doorway, as if played on a distant piano. “Go ahead in,” Garen said, and waited until the instruction had been followed to join them.

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