Professor Aaron McKindy

Sept. 5, 2020, 12:48 p.m.

C'mon Ceti!

Although deeply immersed in a conversation with Lorraine Taylor about the different benefits of specific bridge support charms, Aaron McKindy still found the time during the Opening Feast to let his eyes wander over to the new Magizoobotany professor. He was wary of strangers, and Iolanthe seemed to be a very peculiar brand of person. It didn’t appear that Lorraine noticed his distraction, though, and so that portion of the Feast went successfully, at least. When it was time, Aaron excused himself from the conversation to collect the Cetus first years and transfers.

“Cetus first years and transfers, over here!” Aaron called after a quick Sonorus to amplify his voice. “Cetus first years and transfers!”

Once the small gaggle of students had appeared in front of Aaron (Cetus was always one of the smaller Houses), he smiled at them all welcomingly. Despite the awkward logistics of being Drew’s Head of House, Aaron did enjoy the title. And honestly, he suspected he was in a much better position than his husband right now, who was the Head of House for Drew’s recently-ex girlfriend. And Kit, whose obsession with Drew’s relationship had somehow managed to pass Aaron by until aforementioned relationship had ended.

Finite,” he said, canceling the charm that had amplified his voice. “Welcome to RMI, again!” Aaron added, looking around to make sure that he hadn’t missed anyone. “My name is Professor McKindy and I’ll be your Head of House - so the first person you come to if you have any problems outside of class. If you’re struggling with your coursework I can help you find an older student to tutor you, or if you’re having roommate problems I can help you solve them. That sort of thing.

“I’m going to show you how to get to the Cetus commonroom. Only Ceti have access to the Cetus commonroom, so it’s a place where you can spend time with your Housemates. The dorms are also attached to the commons. All right, everyone ready?” At the indication that everyone was, Aaron moved forward with the new Ceti.

Along the route, Aaron pointed out helpful landmarks that would be useful when the new students were trying to navigate around the school. The most significant of those landmarks on the way to the Cetus commonroom was the library.

After some time, the group arrived at a portrait of a young woman, sitting serenely on a rock and gazing into a pool of water while painted birds flew past on the canvas. Aaron stopped, then turned to face the students.

“This is the entrance to your House,” Aaron said. “Only students in Cetus should know where the House entrance is. It’s guarded by a password, which will change periodically. Anyone who gives out the password to a member of another House will be in serious trouble, so I suggest you don’t,” the ‘serious trouble’ was clearly not a threat; Aaron was not good at making threats. “Petû,” he said to the portrait. The young woman smiled and the portrait swung open and the wall morphed, revealing a door that was large enough for even Aaron - who was more than six foot - to go through without ducking. “The password will change occasionally, but the new password will be posted in the commons for several days beforehand, so you’ll have the chance to write it down or memorize it.

“Let’s all step into the commonroom and I’ll continue from there,” he suggested.

This thread is continued in the Cetus commonroom, where Aaron will take your characters’ questions! And don’t worry - the Opening Feast isn’t over yet. Feel free to continue your threads there, but you are now permitted to post in other places too.

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