Dakota Farnon

Oct. 13, 2019, 10:54 a.m.

I do enough changing for the both of us

As Drew recounted Madeleine’s excitement leading up to the school year, Dakota found herself grinning. She hadn’t managed to forget that the younger girl was starting school this year. It practically radiated off the letters that Madeleine had sent her over the summer. Letters that, for once, Dakota had been relatively reliable in responding to. DJ had written as well, but Dakota had been slightly less good at responding to those since Arkadia had pointed out that DJ was “totally flirting, oh my god is he hot”. Then Dakota had to make up a reason why she didn’t have a million pictures of DJ on her smartphone, because apparently what Muggle girls did in their free time at school was take stealth pictures of boys they liked. Since Dakota still wasn’t entirely sure how to take a picture on a smartphone at all, and even more sure it wouldn’t work in school, she was unsure how she was supposed to show her friends what DJ looked like.

Not that it really mattered, because the group of girls had decided immediately that DJ must be “mega-hot” because he was into Dakota, which Dakota found...confusing. She wasn’t about to say that Muggle girls were weird because she was ten thousand percent certain that Kit was the weirdest lifeform that had ever graced the presence of the planet, but they certainly did things that Dakota found very strange. She did kind of want to show them a picture of DJ though, and was considering asking if he’d come up to Pearl Street with her so she could do that. That would just mean a whole lot of explanation that Dakota wasn’t sure she wanted to do. For a start, she would have to explain having friends.

On the other hand, Dakota realized that she’d trapped herself into talking about her summer with Drew, and while her summer had been very busy, it required similar explanations. Also there was the whole thing with Remy and DJ and Drew and punching, so Dakota wasn’t incredibly sure she was allowed to like DJ anyway. If she liked DJ. Flirting was confusing and she didn’t like it.

“I got a job,” Dakota offered, then paused. She hadn’t seen Drew over the summer, and she and Drew had never really owled either. Were they still friends? Would it be awkward to talk about her other friends? Drew had talked about Darlene, but she was his girlfriend and that was different. “Erm, I worked at this Muggle store, in a mall. It’s called Hot Topic, they have lots of band stuff there. You’d like it. Well maybe not, it’s all Muggle bands and I don’t really know if you’d like any of them.” she paused again, then said, “I have coworkers.” It was similar to saying that she had friends, but less weird, she hoped.

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