Remington Burnham

Sept. 5, 2020, 1:52 p.m.

We all have regrets

Something about seven years at Rocky Mountain International taught Remington a particular skill: she could read someone’s face and see if they were Up To Something.

Some were better at hiding it than others. Kit, for example, never seemed like she was plotting or scheming or doing something wrong. Of course, she might not actually realize anything she did was wrong, since she lived in a fantasy world where Stitch existed and true love was actual magic. Everyone had a tell, though. The real challenge at RMI was deciding whether or not it was worth following that lead.

Rulebreaking could be pretty innocent - little contraband or staying out just a bit past curfew - or it could be Big. Alcohol, dark artifacts, drugs. A look at Deagret told her that the younger student was definitely up to something, but even though Remington could feel the weight of her new Head Student badge against her chest, she decided to let it go. Whatever it was couldn’t possibly be that big of a deal, and she wanted to live in the good of this moment for just a little longer before it inevitably went to shit.

...she’d just keep an eye on it and check in a little later.

“Whoa, that’s awesome,” Remington responded. She knew basically nothing about TikTok, except that some of the other people at her summer program liked it, but that sounded impressive. The Draco couldn’t imagine getting forty people to like anything she did, let alone forty thousand. “You must have made some really cool videos. And I wish I had my ears pierced. I’m still too nervous to get it done.”

For so long, her only accessory was a giant bow; maybe she’d get brave enough to try something else. She’d spent her seventeenth birthday at her animagus program. Starting her seventh year with a gift might be smart - a positive before the negative RMI usually turned into.

“Excited about anything this year?” Right, good, focus on the positive, Remington. “I’m hoping it’s going to be a quiet but good one.”

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