Eugene Hardie

Sept. 5, 2020, 3:23 p.m.

I'm certain I don't like it

Eugene was wearing black nail polish. It was like dipping your fingers in a dark rain cloud and you couldn’t get much sadder than that. So Eugene thought it was OKAY for him to be annoyed by Norah’s question. It was very obvious that Eugene had just crawled back from the worst summer experience anyone had ever had.

But she had given him a great selection of egg rolls to choose from (he’d gone for the veggies because green equals happiness, right?) and it was pretty hard to stay riled up when you were taking bites of food directly from another person's hand. Eugene finished chewing a lump of egg roll - a task made infinitely more difficult when your arms were too busy giving you a hug to help out - and glanced up at Norah.

“It was terrible. Leopold ran away from home to become a feral street person. He was confident that no one could beat him on Worst Life Experiences so he decided to be friendly and enquire about her summer. His eyes drifted downwards and he adopted what he hoped was the haunted tone of a man who had seen Too Much. “And how was yours? Have any water fights? Pie eating contests? I didn’t.”

Eugene used his chin to sadly nudge the half-eaten egg roll. “Do you think vegetables can feel?” He felt his eyes fill with liquid and his lip began to tremble as he became overwhelmed with emotion. “Not like, do they have feelings but like do they feel pain? I worry because sometimes we don’t even cook them dead. And they don’t have any little mouths so how would we know if they screamed? At least we know we’ve cooked cows good and dead. Eating meat has to be kinder than eating a raw carrot. Right?”

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