Jason Fitz

Oct. 13, 2019, 11:41 a.m.

Let's get it right this year

Summer was the lamest time of year. There was nothing to freakin’ do in Missouri and now that Jenna and Jeremy were at fancy college they weren’t around all summer being bored like Jake and Jace. Mostly the younger twins had hung out around the house and not done much because the other thing about Missouri was that it was freakin’ hot. It had been hotter than usual over the summer so Jace hadn’t even been interested in going outside and doing dumb stuff with Jake like they usually did. They went to the pool a few times but Jace got a killer sunburn because he forgot to put sunscreen on and even though one of the several magic-using adults in the house totally could have helped with the sunburn, mom had said something about learning his lesson and so Jace had to deal. Mom said stuff like that a lot. Something something magic doesn’t solve all your problems something build character blah. Lame.

So Jace was pretty jazzed about coming back to RMI, but apparently Jake had forgotten all about last year’s catastrophe with the fire colors and just clapped him on the back before disappearing. That left Jace looking for someone who didn’t look like they would mock him mercilessly (so that was a no on Gigi or Sadie) to help him out by pointing him in the right direction. He finally ended up asking some girl who was wearing one of those head scarf things he forgot the name of. She had helpfully directed him to the Aquila fire, where he now sat.

Overall listening to things was something Jace was much better at than Jake, but also he super did not care about who was Head Suck-Up - sorry, student - this year. If Prefects actually got people in trouble at all he might have cared about those, but from what he heard you could get into a full-out brawl around here as a Prefect and nobody cared. Jace’s type of place. Not because of the brawling, he had no real inclination to punch anyone other than his siblings, but the general lawlessness was appealing.

But once that was all done, the food came out and Jace was definitely all about that. He was a growing boy, even if he wasn’t growing nearly as fast as his brother was. Which like, wasn’t that the whole point of being twins? Jake’s hormones or whatever clearly has missed the announcement.

Which a shrug, Jace nabbed a plate full of chicken on a stick with some sort of sauce and popped one in his mouth, peeling the chicken off the stick with his teeth.

“Why have a stick and a plate?” the second-year asked the person next to him, with his mouth full. “Like doesn’t the stick mean you don’t need the plate?”

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